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Take monotony and finger pain out of fast-charging. Load large number of magazines in a single move with the multiplatform speed loaders from Podavach

U-Loaders (6)

U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader U-LOADER Podavach | Ukrainian Firearm Accessories Hot IN STOCK

U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader


U-LOADER ELITE AR15+AK Magazine Speed Loader

U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader U-LOADER Podavach | Ukrainian Firearm Accessories Natural Wood IN STOCK

U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader

Mag Range Bag Case Podavach | Ukrainian Firearm Accessories NEW IN STOCK

Mag Range Bag


Spare Pusher For U-Loader AR-15 + AK


Spare Pusher For U-Loader AR-10


Reduce loading time with magazine speed loaders for sale

Loading bullets into a magazine can be a painfully time-consuming process. So why not speed it up? A seasoned shooter can find various accessories to reduce the time involved in doing that for pistols, shotguns, or any other firearm. And our magazine speed loaders are the best of them.

They are designed to make life easy for you, saving you the trouble of reloading firearms too long. Plus, you can now forget about finger soreness or hand strain. With our devices, the reloading process is a pleasure, not the bane.

At the Podavach store, we have already narrowed down the search for you with our highly durable yet lightweight speed loaders for sale. Choose from a range of exclusive U-Loaders for AK and AR and put them to good use. We bet you’ll love how fast the process can be!

Why use our magazine speed loaders?

Even if you don’t have much experience in shooting, you are probably aware of the intricacies of loading a weapon. Timing is undoubtedly a crucial factor, and it depends on how fast your fingers can handle the process.

However, when using a speedloader, you no longer need to do that manually. Here’s why you want to have our unique devices at your fingertips:

  • Seconds, not minutes. The most obvious reason for using one of our U-Loaders is that it cuts down the loading time to a few seconds, which can make a huge difference.
  • Versatility matters. Our loaders are compatible with various types of magazines used in different firearms. You don’t have to spend money on extra devices.
  • They add to your safety. Your hands are always at risk of an injury when you load or reload magazines. But U-Loaders ensure that you can do that more conveniently.
  • They are lightweight. At the Podavach store, we go to great lengths to offer loaders that are easy to carry, whether for a shooting range or battlefield.

Now you can buy magazine speed loaders online

Are you looking to get your mitts on durable firearm accessories at reasonable prices? Whether you’re a first-timer, who is only learning to shoot, or a veteran gun owner, jump into the Podavach U-Loader collection.

Here you can buy magazine loaders and a myriad of other accessories at the click of a button. We ship internationally, so you don’t even need to do a hand’s turn!