.224 Valkyrie

224 Valkyrie: Magazine Loader and Accessories

According to the legendary sniper, James Gilliland, the 224 Valkyrie is the best choice for AR-15. 


Saying, that “there is nothing that a 5.56 can’t do that a Valkyrie can”, the sniper praises that caliber for its outstanding qualities and amazing performance. 


Valkyrie allows shooting heavy bullets at a higher speed than shooting a 5.56. Meanwhile, its more lightweight bullets are as easy and convenient to shoot. Therefore, it provides a lot more opportunities for having fun. It’s a good choice for those who like shooting fast, practice short-distance shooting and explore a whole range of various abilities without changing caliber.


When a true ace speaks so fondly of caliber, you know that it should be something really good. And the number of gun owners who are simply in love with a 224 Valkyrie proves it. 


This is why, at Podavach, we make sure that anyone who wants to explore the wide berth provided by this caliber can do so without any setbacks.

From 5.56 NATO to 224 Valkyrie: reliable mag loader boards

Being forced to drop the fun stuff because you have to reload your magazines can be torture, given how time-consuming the entire process is. 


Our Podavach U-Loaders are designed to reduce that activity to 30 seconds. Based on 3D scans of all existing popular AR models, Podavach U-Loaders are compatible with all calibers and ammo types. It allows you to start a real party at the training field with just one loading tool at your disposal.

224 Valkyrie mag charger: how easy is it to load ammo?

The process of loading ammo into the U-Loader is kind to your fingers and doesn’t try your patience. You only need three steps to complete loading and go back to action:

  1. Line the 224 Valkyrie rounds up in a special ammo channel located in the magazine speed loader. This step is the same for all supported calibers.
  2. Attach the magazine to the other end of the U-Loader. 
  3. Once you are sure that all the rounds are positioned correctly for being loaded into the mag, use the magnetic pusher to roll all the rounds. Done!

You can repeat the same process with other magazines and for other calibers and supported weapons.

224 Valkyrie loader: supported weapons

If you need a loader for a 224 Valkyrie-chambered weapon, our U-Loader would be a great choice for you. Weighing only 1.42 lbs and equipped with a convenient handle, our U-Loader models are fully compatible with a wide range of magazines, including STANAG mags. You can attach your mag to the receiving end of the U-Loader and let the magnetic pusher do its magic.

224 Valkyrie speed loader: compatibility

The U-Loader is also compatible with a 5.45x39, a .223 Rem, 6.5 Grendel, and 7.62 calibers. The models at Podavach can be used with AKM, AK47, AK74 and AR platforms.

224 mag speed loader: materials

When it comes to materials, Podavach U-Loaders keep things simple and clean. Each U-Loader is made out of Baltic Birch Plywood. This material allowed us to secure the durability and comfort that many rifle owners came to cherish. In general, we preferred this material over steel and plastic due to the following qualities:

  • Aesthetic opportunities. Sure, looks may not be the main thing on the training field, but they never hurt as well. We were able to carve a design that would complete the look of any mag or weapon while providing endless functionality. Each crevice, each nook, and cranny serves its purpose.
  • Finger pain relief. Loading magazines is often a traumatizing experience. While we’re talking about small injuries like nicks, bruises, and pain in the finger joints, it’s still not something anyone would like to associate with their field day. A smooth, polyurethane-coated texture of the Podavach U-Loader complimented by it’s simple, non-mechanized principles of mag loading allow you to focus on joy and forget about finger pain for good.
  • Impressive longevity. You don’t need extra supplies or special conditions to keep Podavach U-Loader efficient and productive. It will be a great help to you regardless of the weather, humidity levels and other factors. Besides, since it’s not made of steel, it’s immune to corrosion.

224 Valkyrie: speedloader and accessories

In addition to a 224 Valkyrie mag charger, you can purchase ammo pouches, MOLLE-enhanced range bags, rifle cases and exclusive, hand-crafted cases that are made for each customer individually.

At Podavach, we also pay attention to gun maintenance, providing innovative cleaning supplies. For example, we developed gun cleaning wipes that let you lubricate and clean out your weapon of choice with a single perforated wipe that is soaked in a special mineral liquid for in-depth carbon cleaning.

Additionally, we also aim to generate lots of content for all purposes. If you want to compare the 224 Vakyrie speed loader with other mag loaders, you will find a number of video reviews by professional rifle owners as they were trying out their favorite caliber with our U-Loaders.