.300 ААС Blackout

300 AAC Blackout: Magazine Speed Loader and Accessories

300 AAC Blackout caliber has been dominating AR platforms lately. Not to mention the debates: people have been arguing non-stop about whether this caliber is better than classy 5.56 or 7,62X39 or not. Some riflemen praise it, others criticize it, but  at Podavach, we have no intention to make any kind of conclusions.

The opinions on 300 AAC Blackout differ while our mag loaders go for all kinds of ammo. Yes, even in the case of 300 AAC Blackout, our speedloader board can offer enough functionality to let you load and use that caliber easily.

What we would like to do is to outline the specifics of this caliber and how it came out to be. 300 AAC Blackout can be ironically called the lovechild of 5.56 and 7,62x39. Even though it replaces nether caliber completely, its potential is currently widely explored because the caliber that combines the best qualities of 5.56 and 7,62x39 without having their weaknesses is way too tempting.

300 AAC Blackout: a little bit of history

It all started with a long-time argument about two similar calibers: 7,62X39 and 5.56 NATO. 5.56 NATO caliber is known for its high accuracy due to the lightweight of the bullets and their ability to develop insane speed during the shot. Meanwhile, 7,52x39 caliber provided more reliability due to heavier rounds. Therefore, it was more destructive.

Both of them were time-proven: The 5,56 caliber was used since early Vietnam, and 7,63x39 – since AK-47 became a thing.

Both of them had considerable benefits and weaknesses.

Nowadays it may seem a matter of preference and goal, but back then military experts across the entire globe were trying to determine which one of those calibers would work best for troopers.

Ultimately, their musings evolved into the concept of an ultimate caliber that would:

  • Be heavy enough to fit M16 platforms;
  • Be easy to use with silencers;
  • Provide optimal flash suppression;
  • Compete with 7,62 in power;
  • Pierce deeper than 5.56.

In other words, they started working on a caliber capable of balancing the best of both worlds. However, the first result that managed to hit all of those boxes was developed not by the military but by an independent gun enthusiast J.D Jones. The new .300 Whisper was based on a narrow bottleneck .221 Fireball cartridge with a hunting groove. For .300 Whisper, that cartridge was initially made larger to imitate the size of 7,62.  At first, .300 Whisper existed only in a subsonic variation first, but then it was upgraded to its ultrasonic capacity, providing high accuracy and enough firepower to assist during police raids and special force operations.

However, J.D Jones refused to standardize his creation, resulting in .300 Whisper caliber slowly fading into the unknown.

What came after that, was .300 AAC Blackout, developed by Advanced Armory Corp. that was inspired by the qualities of .300 Whisper.

How is 300 AAC Blackout speedloader different from other supported calibers?

Compared to 7,62x39, 300 AAC Blackout develops 17% more energy at 300 meters due to a different bullet geometry that helps to reduce drag

5,56 has 3000 fps muzzle energy, while 300 AAC Blackout has only 2200 fps. However, at 700 meters, 300 AAC Blackout gains the same muzzle energy that 5,56 develops at 500 meters, which is a very good result for long-distance shooting.

Both calibers have approximately the same recoil with most of the recoil energy being directed to the shoulder. It may seem that 300 AAC Blackout ammo needs a completely different type of speedloader. However, that’s not our case.

How does 300 AAC Blackout work with a mag loader and supported weapons?

Even though AAC Blackout was primarily designed for military use, it quickly got popular among various special forces: from European military groups to UK forces.

Naturally, it got popular among rifle enthusiasts as well. Many hunters made 300 AAC Blackout their top choice caliber for hunting large prey, while numerous gun enthusiasts prefer to try that caliber on the shooting range. 300 AAC Blackout can be chambered in almost all AR-15 and M16 platforms, so you can load your 300 AAC Blackout into a Podavach speedloader that also works with other supported calibers.

300 AAC Blackout: do we have speedloader for that?

At Podavach, we work to create a one-for-all accessory to assist the needs of every rifle owner. Therefore, the ammo channel at our U-Loaders allows you to use a wide range of rounds and calibers that are supported by your AR-15.  So, if you’re a buyer at Podavach and you have 300 AAC Blackout rounds, you don’t have to worry about looking for a different magazine loader made of different materials.

300 AAC Blackout loader and accessories

In addition to our U-Loader that supports all calibers for multiple rifle platforms, we provide U-Loader cases and range bags to help you store your gear in the most convenient and efficient way. If we need to compare 300 AAC Blackout loader with other mag loaders, we should note that Podavach U-Loaders are a more lightweight option that can easily replace a range of magazine loaders that are often tailored to specific firearm models.

You can see how our speedloader works with 300 AAC Blackout and other calibers on a video set available on YouTube and Instagram.