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5.45×39: Magazine Loader and Accessories

.5.45×39: Magazine Loader and Accessories

The veteran among the ammo,5.45×39 was developed within a Cold War Race within a challenge that aimed to design a small-caliber round that would be lighter, faster and offer better ballistics. The first design was introduced in 1913, by Vladimir Fedorov. However, the first prototype will be developed much later, in 1950 and presented as an experimental cartridge. Since the Soviet engineers were tasked with increasing hit ratio and reducing bullet dispersion, while providing increased lethality and penetration, the new, finite version known as 5.45x39 will be presented only 10 years after the release of an experimental prototype.

The military forces were not confident about a new cartridge. Some of the weapon designers, including Mikhail Kalashnikov himself, argued heavily against the new cartridge because they believed that that kind of a bullet would be devastating on the barrel.

It also gave start to a common myth about 5.45x39 mm round has an ability to change its center of gravity and thus can be shot at the unpredictable trajectories, leaving horrible injuries. However, this assumption was made on the fact that 5.45x39mm rounds tend to lose stability upon impact with an obstacle. That effect is the result of the length to width ratio and the resistance force released when the bullet finds the target.


5.45×39: mag loader boards

Since 5.45x39 rounds are highly popular among rifle enthusiasts, we at Podavach made it our goal to ensure that everything in our stock meets the needs of 5.45x39 fans - from our speedloader to accessories. 


U-LOADER AR15 + AK Magazine Speed Loader

5.45×39 loader: supported weapons

5.4dx39 rounds are usually chambered by all kinds of AK rifles: AK47, AK74, AKM, and other types. We worked with 3D scans of these and many other rifles to create an ultimate accessory for your needs.

Our U-Loaders are fully compatible with your rifle of choice. A U-Loader by Podavach is basically a speed loader board that has an ammo channel that allows you to insert all the rounds and then swipe them neatly into a mag. 

The board is flat and held in place with steady rubber feet, allowing you to balance U-Loader even in your lab. 

How to compare 5.45×39 speed loader with other mag loaders?

  •  It’s lightweight

Most of the traditional speed loaders are made of steel so no matter how small they are or how compact their design is, their weight keeps reminding about them as you carry your gear to the training field. Even though you don’t mind some exercise, sometimes less is more. 

Podavach U-Loader is made of a Baltic Birch Plywood, an extremely light and durable material. It weighs a lot less than a common 5.45x39 mag charger and can be used for all ammo types. 


  • It’s multipurpose 

A 5.45×39 magazine speed loader by Podavach works amazingly with other calibers. Be it larger or smaller rounds, a single U-Loader can replace several accessories that you might require in order to charge your mag properly. 

Even for an inexperienced user, it takes 30 seconds to load a magazine with our Podavach U-Loader. More seasoned pros can do it even faster. 


  • It’s pain-free

Anyone who has ever had to load a magazine while wearing gloves can tell how quickly this process can ruin a pair of perfectly good gloves. Those who have loaded their mags with bare hands have lots of sad stories to tell. Soreness, bruises, scratches, lots of small bleeding cuts and annoying pains that pester you hours after you leave the training field.   

It happens every time, even with the most advanced mechanized mag chargers. However, in the Podavach case, we eliminate the painful factors, leaving only the most recent experience. 

The surface of our Podavach speedloader is smoothly polished and covered with polyurethane lacquer to protect the board from humidity and damage - and to prevent you from nicking your fingers. Due to a special magnetic pusher that allows you to slide all the rounds in the ammo channel into the magazine, you can wear your favorite gloves without worrying about sudden tears and holes. Thus, one small accessory helps you save up on all kinds of gear. 


5.45×39 magazine loader video: is it available? 

Each product in our store features a video demo, allowing you to see how it looks like, how it’s used and get a good look at its every angle. For more content, you can search Instagram by using #Podavach hashtag - our fellow video bloggers make a lot of videos about Podavach U-Loaders, how they work with different calibers and how much time it takes for them to load several mags. 

In case you still have questions, our help service is always ready to consult you on how our U-Loaders work. We would also be glad to provide you with several handy tips on rifle maintenance, gun loading, and other useful subjects.