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AK74 Magazine Speed Loader and Accessories

AK74 Magazine Speed Loader and Accessories

AK74 and its prototypes have proven themselves in the most complicated and trying conditions across the entire world. It’s their qualities that started the endless AK vs M16 discussion, in which AK74 was constantly made winner due to its: 

  • Durability. Just like any assault rifle, AK74 gets damaged, clogged and jammed. However, its longevity and ability to perform in harsh conditions after a simple maintenance routine are impressive. 
  • Magazine capacity. AK74 mag can chamber up to 30 rounds, while M16 mags can only hold up to 20 rounds. 
  • Mod-friendly design. Due to its construction, AK74 can be modified in lots of ways to improve ammo capacity, flare suppression, and other performance features. 

AK74: Loader and accessories

At Podavach, we provide a wide set of accessories to multiply the fun of using your AK74 on the training field. Our stock includes numerous firearm maintenance supplies, special cases for carrying official Podavach gear and your equipment and, of course, Podavach U-Loaders. Those are our innovative loader boards for quickly and easily loading magazines even in the middle of the action. 

So, how does an AK74 speed loader board look like? 

It’s a board made on the basis of numerous 3D scans of popular assault rifle platforms to match the top of mind needs of weapon owners everywhere. It was made to address the common problems that anyone who has ever tried loading a mag with their bare hands: 

  • No finger pains. The ache in finger joints is a common companion: it appears after loading mags and working with rounds and doesn’t go away for hours. In some cases, it affects finger mobility. Not to mention all the nicks, cuts and bruises! Podavach U-Loaders are designed to help you use your fingers less and load more. The board is equipped with a magnetic pusher that you can glide across an ammo channel to insert rounds into the mag without worrying about them getting stuck or jammed. 
  • No spilling. The board is very stable and resistant to gliding, so even your lap will suffice for stabilizing it and placing rounds into the ammo channel. This is particularly valuable for weapon owners who always need a separate space or even an extra bag for their mag loaders.  
  • No hassle. The AK47 speed loader doesn’t require cleaning, lubricating or any pre-use setup. Its smooth lacquered surface can be quickly shined with a soft cloth, while the mag itself is so lightweight and compact that it can easily fit into your range bag.

  • U-LOADER AR15 + AK Magazine Speed Loader -20%

    AK74 speed loader:materials

    When we were developing an effective quick mag loader that would be durable, resistant to heat, humidity and freezing cold, steel was a certain no-go for us. In our vision, the perfect loader is not supposed to let its users down due to corrosion, fractures and jammed mechanisms. 

    Instead, we chose Baltic Birch Plywood. Not only did it prove to be a highly damage resistant and long-lasting material, but also it allowed us to make lightweight gear that wouldn’t burden the already equipment-laden users. In addition, that type of plywood is very easy to work with and we were able to eliminate the risk of nicks, splinters and other kinds of traumatizing defects. 

    The polyurethane lacquer coat provides extra smoothness and makes sure your Podavach won’t let you down in any weather. 


    AK74 speedloader: versatility

    Podavach U-Loaders are сompatible with 5.45x39mm, 7.62, .223 Rem, 6.5 Grendel, and 224 Valkyrie. Also, they are so simple and safe in use that you don’t have to take your favorite gloves in order to load a magazine properly.


    How does AK74 speed loader perform with supported weapons?

    We made sure that our product is a solution to a wide range of issues.

     Whether you have an AK74, AK47, AKM or any other AK, your speed loader will be the perfect fit for your weapon of choice and its supported calibers

    Our goal was to create an accessory that would replace multiple tools you have to carry around in order to spend less time preparing and dedicate more time to shooting and having fun. Therefore, with just one U-Loader, you can try out different AK platforms and different rounds and pack lighter. 

    The performance of our speed loader models for AK74 and other AKs was documented on video by numerous YouTubers and gun bloggers across Instagram. The videos can be found by #Podavach hashtag.


    Is it possible to compare AK47 speed loader with other mag loaders?

    We are always ready to answer your questions regarding how well our U-Loaders perform compared to traditional mag loaders.

    Our buyers respond to their experience with loading AK74 ammo into our speed loader models and share their impressions online. Communication between fellow weapon enthusiasts is an important part of Podavach and the reason why we aim to spread high-quality products across the globe.

     So, if you want more first-hand insights from fellow rifle owners, you can join us on social media or just look Podavach up in Google.