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AKM: magazine loader and accessories

AKM: magazine loader and accessories

When describing the benefits of AK, people mention its usability and reliability. However, it wasn’t achieved in one day but after a long time of trials and errors.

When the manufacturers had to switch from stamping to receiver milling, AK47 turned out to be very complex and quite costly to manufacture. That resulted in numerous manufacturing delays that made military forces to compensate for the lack of rifles with SKS.

With these challenges, the demand for a simpler way to manufacture AKs was obvious, resulting in the use of new technologies and materials.

At the end of the changes, the weight of the AK was reduced by 600 grams and the bayonet was replaced with a knife-type bayonet – and so AKM was born. According to Fedor Tokarev, the new AKM was reliable to work with, incredibly accurate and relatively light compared to its prototype.


AKM: mag loader boards

Even nowadays, AKM is highly popular among military forces and firearm enthusiasts due to its high functionality and amazing compatibility with silencers.  So we at Podavach had an important mission: to create a super quick mag loader that would be compatible with all types of AK platforms (including AK74 and AK74) and will let AK users everywhere work with their magazines freely.

There are several main types of AKM magazines:

  •  Steel magazine

Steel-enforced magazines are the most traditional types of magazines due to their relatively low production cost but they have low impact resistance and can be easily damaged compared to bakelite mags.

  •   Bakelite magazine

The most popular type of magazine that is resistant to friction, water, acid and impact damage. The magazine can be attached to the platform more tightly, which makes it a good choice for AK users.

  •  Polymer magazine

It’s a mag that was developed in the United States.  Even though the durability of the polymer used in mag design has been tested under the wheels of a Hammer Jeep and other extremities, the magazine is vulnerable to cold.

The AKM mag charger by Podavach is designed to meet the most classic AK magazine model – the box mag. It’s a U-shaped board that can be easily balanced in your lap, letting you direct rounds into the mag in one sweep and go back into action without setbacks.


U-LOADER AR15 + AK Magazine Speed Loader -20%

AKM mag speed loader: technique and materials

Our U-Loaders have been tried out with bakelite, steel and plastic mags.

One of the benefits of our U-Loader is that it doesn’t require any previous experience or training with mag loaders. You can proceed to load ammo – the design of our board is as simple as it looks.  

After laying all the rounds in a special channel, you press at the special pusher and watch as they glide smoothly into the mag. This can be done with both hands but you can also easily do it with one hand.

For first-timers, it takes about 30 seconds to load magazines with the help of the AKM magazine speed loader. The more experienced Podavach users need even less time to load all the rounds. 

Why is it important?

Even for an experienced user, it takes more than a minute to load 30 rounds into a single mag. Since the time of an essence on the battlefield, many marksmen aim to improve that result – at the cost of their fingers. With Podavach, you can easily beat your record and save your fingers from unnecessary pain – as well as save your money on gloves that quickly get ruined by too many repetitive motions.


AKM mag charger: ammo

When it comes to calibers, the loader shows great compatibility with .223 Rem, 7.62, 5.45x39mm, 300 AAC Blackout, 224 Valkyrie and 6.5 Grendel. It means two things:

  1.    You don’t need additional AKM training before using our U-Loader;
  2.    You get both gear for your AKM and a speed loader for the rest of your calibers.

Considering how much stuff you usually have to take to the training field with you, you can take one U-Loader without having to carry several types of loaders around. We also made sure that you can equip your AKM to the fullest and buy a loader and a full set of accessories: from stylish, differently colored cases for your newly acquired U-Loader, ammo pouches and leather cases for your rifle.


AKM loader: supported weapons

 As always, we make sure that our U-Loader is fully compatible with an extensive range of weapon platforms. You can use one and the same U-Loader for AK74, AK47, AKM, AKS, and other rifles. The technology of using AKM and all kinds of platforms with our magazine loader is shown on video channels that belong to numerous gun enthusiasts and firearm fans.