AR-15 range bag

AR-15 range bag – Your gun essentials are now at your fingertips

Have you ever arrived at a shooting range just to realize you forgot your ear protection, or worse yet, ammunition? Yep, we’ve all been there. There’s so much stuff you might need at a range that it’s all too easy to leave something behind. How can you make sure you always have those essentials on your person? Fortunately, it’s a cinch to do that with a mag range bag from Podavach.

As firing range enthusiasts ourselves, we know what a shooter needs once he or she is there. Ammo, personal protection, magazines, speed loaders, and other gear are must-haves, and they all can now be stored in one place. 

Our mag range bag for AR-15 + AK is highly lightweight yet spacious enough to hold your stuff in a well-organized manner. From MOLLE attachments on its outer parts to modular compartments and a zipper front pocket, this accessory is bound to make a difference for beginners and seasoned shooters.

What exactly can you store in the AR-15 range mag bag?

Although it’s a mag bag, it goes beyond its official definition. Don’t get this wrong. It can store like a dozen magazines for AR-15 and AK-47 thanks to its Velcro holders, which is enough to practice your shooting skills during a range session. There’s also an internal pouch for smaller pieces like ammo so that you can easily access it and reload your firearms.

Magazines and ammunition aside, this AR-15 + AK-47 range bag is designed to store:

  • our unique U-Loader that can snugly sit in the front compartment
  • pistols, tools, and spare parts
  • scopes and mounts
  • all-purpose first-aid kit
  • personal items that have nothing to do with shooting

You’ve guessed it: this accessory can be used not only as a range bag for U-Loader and shooting essentials but also for family outings or outdoor trips. Made of 600D nylon, it’s incredibly durable for routine applications without adding too much weight to carry. Plus, its strap is adjustable for all shoulder types, with four positions to choose from. Pair it with a backpack or a carrying case – and you’re set to start your journey.

Who can benefit from Podavach AR-15 range bag?

With this bag, every shooter can add convenience to their range time. Because it allows for safe storage and easy access to contents, it’s your best choice to keep magazines and ammo at hand. That’s what a duffle bag will never be good for.

What’s more, we’ve designed our AR-15 range mag bag in a way that benefits civilians, too. If you are not a fan of guns and all things shooting, you can use it for travel and recreation. The bag provides plenty of storage space and embraces military-style beauty that you can’t help but adore.

Whether you are every inch the shooter or not, rest assured that you can avail yourself of our nylon bag. Order it at Podavach at the most favorable price and be protected with a satisfaction guarantee!


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