Best Glock speed loaders: Which one to choose?

Best Glock speed loaders: Which one to choose?

You’re pumped to shoot Bad Guy targets at the range. Your Glocks and mags await you on the surface next to the firing line. But suddenly, after discharging the whole magazine, you realize you can’t load yet another one because your fingers hurt like hell. That’s when you wish you had a Glock speed loader.

Experiencing finger pain is way too common for range-goers. When you load dozens of mags during a session, each with a push of your thumb, soreness is inevitable.

But pushing isn’t always necessary. With a speed loader, you can get your Glock magazines ready for firing with little to no finger effort. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right one.


How does a Glock speed loader work?

Most Glock loaders are small and sit on top of mags. As they are designed for handguns, they often resemble the grips you’re familiar with. Most importantly, they are easy to operate, so you’ll never need a 5-page instruction manual on how to use a Glock speed loader.

To load mags with a typical loader for Glock, you only need to:

  1. Place it over the mag opening.
  2. Raise it to insert a round into the mag.
  3. Move it downwards to get a cartridge in place.
  4. Repeat until the magazine is fully loaded.

That’s it. A loader does all the pushing so that your thumbs are safe.


3 Top-rated Glock mag loaders worth having

Before you ask: all these loaders have proven themselves in practice. They are well-respected among shooters and have earned tons of positive reviews.


Maglula UpLULA loader

This one is great if you’re looking for a universal thing. The UpLULA can be used as a 9mm Glock speed loader that doubles as a feeding device for .357 SIG, .45 ACP, and other calibers. Its polymer design makes it highly flexible so that it fits single-stack and double-stack mags without spacers.

The UpLULA is also the most expensive mag loader on the list. You can’t get it from Maglula directly, and authorized sellers put an up to $35 price tag on it.



Elite Tactical Systems has upgraded its CAM loader, and it’s become a must-have for many range-goers. Why? First, it isn’t only for Glocks. The GEN II CAM can perform universally, including 9mm and .40 for single and double stacks. Second, it minimizes efforts on your part. You can use this loader to add cartridges right from the ammo box with no inserting and pushing in between.

Still, the ETS device may be a little cumbersome at $30 for those shopping for a speed loader for Glock only. It looks elongated, and you can’t toss it in your pocket.


Podavach Glock mag loader

Overall, this loader is the best pick for Glocks. Though non-universal, it works like a charm for 9mm and makes adding cartridges to your Glock 17, 26, or 34 (and more pistols) fast and painless.

Podavach pocket-sized loader is made of Nylon 12 for increased durability, tensile strength, and slip resistance. It only weighs 20g and replicates the design of your handgun grip.

Of all three, this speed loader for Glock is the most affordable one. You can order it for only $22.