Galil ACE accessories

IWI Galil ACE accessories – Beef up your favorite battle rifle

However harsh the shooting conditions seem to be, the ACE lines are designed to tough them out. As a series of advanced assault rifles, they bring reliability to the battlefield while housing incredibly ergonomic mechanisms and robust builds. But it’s not only the ACE’s durability that makes it a highly decent weapon. Coming with Picatinny rails, these firearms don’t mind it if you up the ante with add-ons. Why wouldn’t you attach Galil ACE accessories for accuracy, stability, or any other battlefield advantage when mounting them is so simple?

To make your weapon a pleasure to fire, you can upgrade it with bipods or sights. The rails allow for mounting various IWI Galil ACE accessories, depending on your shooting needs. Find the right ones, and your gun experience is going to be unmatched!

With an eye to keeping these firearms even more modernized, Podavach extends the range of standard IWI Galil ACE parts for sale with fancy accessories. Most of them are created to help seasoned riflemen and beginners with ammo storage or gun maintenance. But the go-to add-on that you want to have during your next shooting session is all about our revolutionary U-Loader.

Your must-have IWI Galil ACE magazine speed loader 


U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader U-LOADER Podavach | Ukrainian Firearm Accessories Hot IN STOCK

U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader


U-LOADER ELITE AR15+AK Magazine Speed Loader


Versatility is another thing that makes the ACE a great weapon. It comes in 5.56x45mm and 7.62x39mm, and our U-Loader works well with both. With this IWI Galil ACE magazine speed loader, changing ammo is anything but tricky – even if you fancy going for multiple cartridges at a shooting range. Plus, it fits many weapons beyond this series, such as SIG Sauer AG and M16.

Caliber compatibility aside, our U-Loader is also built to:

  • Resist anything you throw at it. Sometimes, loading a mag in the heavy rain is an all too tough challenge. With our battle-proven U-Loader, it is not. Made of A-grade Baltic Birch plywood, it’s rugged and waterproof to make your loading experience smooth, no matter the combat conditions.
  • Eliminate thumb pain. You’ve had enough of your fingers being sore after manually loading a bunch of mags. Breathe. Our IWI Galil ACE speed loader makes this a thing of the past as it only takes a tiny gliding magnetic pusher to insert rounds with ease.
  • Speed it up. Now, you can load even a dozen magazines without spending half a day cramming each shell. The U-Loader allows you to shoot more with less time needed for preparing your Galil ACE. Say goodbye to long fumbling as you load or reload magazines.

Other Galil ACE accessories at Podavach

Make your shooting experience more comfortable with our mag holders, carrying cases, and other accessories. At Podavach, we have everything an avid rifleman might need to spend quality time at a firing range. We ship worldwide so that every Galil ACE fan can get their hands on our products and put them to good use.

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