M16: speed loader and accessories

M16: speed loader and accessories


Hands down, M16 is a rifle with interesting properties and a rich history. It all started during the Vietnam War, in which the first troops that were sent in by the United States were using M14 rifles. In time, M14s revealed a handful of flaws. They were hard to control when switched to full auto, and their burst was less than satisfactory.


The situation got even more complicated when fighters in North Vietnam started using AK47 rifles that were the complete opposite of M14 and offered full control, had accurate burst fire, and great recoil absorption. All those benefits allowed Vietnamese troops to start gaining advantage, making the USA military realize the dire need for a new assault rifle.  


That need allowed AR15, the rifle developed and actively promoted by Eugene Stoner and James Sullivan, to gain recognition. Initially, AR15 was a rejected project due to the military decision to focus on M14. The difficulties that emerged during warfare made the officials give AR15 (which was renamed into M16 after a couple of changes in design) a second chance.


Warfare in Vietnam was the beginning of the long way of M16. Despite its success in Vietnam warfare, it became the center of investigation. After M16 got falsely billed as a “self-cleaning rifle” it resulted in numerous death of the U.S.A soldiers who neglected their rifles to the point of getting them jammed or rendered useless on the battlefield. This case caused a Colt representative to educate the American troops on the basics of rifle maintenance, while M16 faced fierce political opposition.


Many years and several upgrades later, M16 rifle remains one of the most popular rifles among the U.S. police departments, SWAT squads and troops across 20 countries. With over 8,5 million M16s in active service, it’s hard to believe that one of the most well-engineered rifles of all time could have never been introduced if not for the opportunity provided by the flaws of M14.


So, how do you take care of your M16? Are there any M16 accessories or materials that you should know about?

M16 mag speed loader and accessories: it’s not that simple

M16 has a complicated history and  purchase process. As a Class III weapon, its super short in supply, so it’s not something you can buy at the NFA market. You can try your like at weapon auctions where people often sell high-demand firearms. But be ready to pay around $30 000. Let’s also not forget the paperwork, the license, the waiting…Well, if you’re a dedicated gun fan, you probably know that already, and it doesn’t really scare you.


With that said, let’s skip the purchase process and go straight to choosing a M16 mag charger for your ammo


  • Your accessories for M16 shouldn’t be over complicated or have an abundance of components. It takes a while to take proper care of your M16, so you would want your M16 kit to be intuitive in use.
  • You need a M16 mag loader that works with all M16-supported weapons. The more compatibility your M16 mag charger of choice offers, the better. It’s also nice to pick an M16 speedloader that works with multiple calibers.
  • Your perfect M16 magazine speedloader must be made of durable materials. If you’re planning to use your M16 mainly on the shooting range, you don’t have to chase after expensive plastic mag chargers or mechanized loaders. You can use something more lightweight for your M16. There is a lot of speed loader boards that don’t take up space and are super easy to carry around.


Whenever your come across something that looks like the perfect mag charger for your M16-series rifle, it always helps to compare that M16 speedloader with other mag loader options. Since there are many video reviews and even online streams by professional firearms experts and even people with military backgrounds, you won’t find yourself at a shortage of educational material. Besides, if you need a M16 magazine loader video review, you can contact Podavach store and ask for links to the accounts of the most famous gun fans that create lots of informative content for firearms community.


Speaking of kits and maintenance, you’d definitely want a pre-made kit for your M16. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Getting an M16 is complicated enough, so it makes no sense to invest your time and money in making an exclusive M16 kit, especially when a pre-made AR15 kit and tutorial will do just fine.