M16A2 Magazine Loader And Accessories

M16A2 Magazine Loader And Accessories

M16A2 assault rifle is an upgrade of M16A1, which, in turn, is an upgrade of basic M16 model. What kind of changes were added to this model?


  • Enforced barrel with 1:7 barrel twist.
  • Improved scope (up to 800 meters).
  • New buttstock and grip made out of durable polyamide.
  • A 3-round burst fire mode instead of automatic fire mode.
  • New flash suppressor with the slots on the top to prevent the muzzle from going up during firing.  
  • New, more lightweight 30-round magazines made of plastic.

The implementation of these changes was supposed to erase some of the inconveniences noted by experts who used M16A2. Was this decision successful? According to some professional marksmen, not really. Here is what the military had to say about the M16A2:


  1.  The new scope resulted in the M16A2 being less accurate when it came to shooting at the distance of 500 meters. The new barrel twist didn’t help with accuracy as well. A twist of 1:9 would have been a better fit for the rifle. 
  2. The switch to the 3-round burst fire mode was also unsatisfying. Several military experts believed that the change negatively affected the combat efficiency of the M16. 
  3. All the new parts added to M16A2 meant it was even difficult to clean and keep in shape. Given that the rifle was meant for military operations, many professionals stated that they would rather continue using the M16A1 rather than the M16A2. 

But even with those comments, many modern soldiers who went through their boot camp training, have rather warm memories about the M16A2. Many of them felt honored at working with such a historical rifle and were generally happy with the experience the M16A2 could offer. 

Can you purchase an M16A2 as easy as a mag charger or ammo?

Like all M16s, the M16A2 is not really available on the market. Unless you have access to reserve units, you’ll probably have to spend around 25,000,000 dollars (as well as various license fees and FFL fees) to purchase a rifle from a collector. 

For anyone, looking for an easier and less costly alternative, there are tutorials on building an M16A2 replica from AR-15 components. That’s a viable option for anyone who is skilled enough and knows how to assemble a functional rifle. 

M16A2: speedloader and accessories

So, we have mentioned that all M16s require thorough maintenance. It means that you should choose all your materials for the M16A2 wisely. Let’s go through them step by step. 

M16A2 cleaning supplies

What should your proper M16A2 cleaning kit include? 

  • Cleaning swabs for working with every crevice of the M16A2. People still argue about whether cotton swabs or foam swabs are more effective. In truth, both of them have their benefits, so it’s up to you. 
  • Pipe cleaner. Sometimes cotton swabs are not enough for reaching complicated areas. Many manufacturers offer extra long pipe cleaners that allow forgetting about various cleaning challenges.
  • Gun cleaning wipes. It’s recommended to choose the ones that can both clean and lubricate your rifle. 

M16A2 mag loader boards and magazine loaders

Speaking of a potential M16A2 speedloader and materials meant for making the process of loading and firing more convenient, everything depends on your activities. 

  • If you prefer to use your M16A2 mostly on the shooting range and are ready to spend some time loading mags, pump-action magazine loaders would the right choice. 
  • If you spend a lot of time shooting outdoors and your everyday routine with M16A2 is action-packed, you need something more lightweight. Not to mention, it has to be fast and kind to your fingers. This is why we made such an emphasis on loader boards. Most of them are very versatile, so such M16A2 speedloader would go well for other supported weapons. Also, there are mag loaders made out of plywood — a very lightweight and highly durable material that is not affected by heat, humidity, and freezing cold. At the same time, a M16A2 speedloader is shaped in a way that offers full compatibility with various calibers.  

In the end, your choice of a M16A2 speedloader and supporting materials depends on you and your budget. Likely, you’re not alone. In the age of digital technology, you can easily compare an M16A2 speedloader with other mag loaders by watching a set of M16A2 magazine loader video reviews on YouTube or on various sources, where firearm enthusiasts share their views and experiences. It’s also possible to consult with fellow gun owners on various boards and forums. BTW, if you’re an M16A2 owner, you’re always welcome to submit your thoughts and feedback regarding choosing the right accessories and materials for the M16A2. The more opinions are expressed, the easier it is for gun fans to build the perfect kit and select the gear that works best for them!