M4: magazine loader and accessories 

M4 is a really unusual rifle. 

Having gone through multiple transformations, this rifle is currently considered one of the most efficient and badass weapons at the firearms market. Also, it’s rightfully known as a weapon that is responsible for the success of American troops at the battlefield. Currently, M4 and its variations such as M4A1 and M4A3 is used by marines and soldiers at the USA. 

Of course, a weapon that badass got our full attention! There are some tips we’re willing to share, so your experience with M4 would be truly satisfying. 

Before we talk about M4 or give tips on M4s speedloader accessories, it’s worth to take a look at the history behind this assault rifle. 

M4 owes its creation to Hover M16, a rifle that wasn’t too popular among troops due its heavy weight. After numerous attempts to make it shorter, the world saw Colt XM-177 (during Vietnam War at 1964-1975). This model was sold to Israel in 1980 - as far as we know, it’s still a popular choice of Israeli military. 

The American military tried to redesign Colt XM-177, leading to the development of Colt M-720. As the result of further attempts, M4 was introduced to the market. 

M4: speed loader and accessories tips

Currently, M4 is used across numerous subdivisions of American military, especially for action overseas and during the Iraq War in particular. 

Due to this, one may think that it’s a highly durable and easily convenient weapon but the truth is quite surprising. In fact, M4 is the opposite of undemanding weapon and has zero tolerance for dirt and dust. The abundance of details and components makes it extremely vulnerable when exposed to mud. The troops participating in the armed conflict in Iraq reported having to clean and lubricate their M4 rifles more often than usual. 

Regardless of this peculiar detail, they also admitted high efficiency and amazing performance of this weapon. So, with good and regular maintenance, M4 shows great results. 

Since we brought up rifle maintenance. How hard is to take care of M4? Can you even own a M4 if you’re a civilian? There is a lot of complicated questions regarding M4 due to its professional status. While you can purchase AR10 or AR15 quite easily, can you do the same with M4? 

How to take care of your M4?

Since we started talking about M4 magazine speed loader and materials for taking care of this carbine, does it mean that M4 is available to civilians? 

The answer is both yes and no. There is a small number of M4 models that can be purchased by civilians but nobody knows whether M4s will ever be in a surplus. However, if you are a happy owner of a M4, there are some suggestions concerning M4 mag loader boards. 

  • Due to M4 being extremely high maintenance, you should pick your accessories wisely. If you prefer to load mags with the help of a M4 mag charger, you want the one that makes it easy to position the ammo and simple to take care of. For example, Podavach U-loaders are made of plywood, can be used instantly and allow loading a mag in less than one minute. They don’t require checkups like mechanized mag loaders and highly resistant to humidity, heat and freezing cold. 
  • In case you own than rifle and prefer to bring all your toys to the shooting range, it’s better to use a loader that is compatible with all types of platforms. The perfect M4 loader would the one you can use with other supported weapons.
  • Because M4 is a heavy weapon, you should make sure that your materials and accessories of choice don’t add up to the weight of the rifle, rounds and mags. A proper loader for M4 shouldn’t take much place and have everything necessary for quick and easy transportation,  
  • Another thing a good M4 speed loader should be capable of is working with a wide range of calibers.   

Is there a way to compare M4 speed loader with other mag loaders

Thanks to the internet, you have many opportunities to explore, analyze and compare before making a purchase. So if you’re thinking about buying a M4 or looking for the best tools for your M4 rifle, you don’t have to go far. Sure, in case you are 100% serious about getting an M4, a good chat with an instructor at your shooting range would help you make up your mind. 

But if you’re only getting started with gathering info, there are many M4 speed loader materials available online. From tutorials and articles to blogs and social media posts to M4 magazine loader video reviews, you can learn everything about the accessories for this amazing rifle and find the best fit.