M4A1: magazine loader and accessories

Whenever you talk about the power of M4, you absolutely should mention its most popular, most efficient variation - M4A1. The M4A1 Carbine appeared as the result of the attempts to shorten the M16A2 while preserving all the qualities that made that rifle great. Given that M4A1 is largely favored by SpecOps at the United States, we can say that this attempt was a success.


But what makes M4A1 different from your average M4 rifle? Well, one of its main distinctive features is that while the latter usually comes with a 3-round burst configuration, the former has an automatic trigger. So, compared to M4, M4A1 is fully automatic, providing more efficiency at the battlefield. Basically, when you hear “M4” nowadays, you can safely bet that it means “M4A1”.


So, if M4A1 is used by professionals, where does it leave civilians? Is there an opportunity to buy a M4A1 rifle and get a carry permit?


According to the law, all firearms that were manufactured after 1986 are not available for ownership. Since M4A1 was introduced in 1994, it’s highly unlikely for anyone without a military background to become an owner of this beauty.


Skilled firearm enthusiasts, however, know that it’s possible to reconfigure an M16 into an M4A1. But even if you’re one of those enthusiasts, owning a fully automatic rifle comes with a cost. You pay over $25 000 for a rifle alone - and let’s not forget all necessary tools and accessories such as M4A1 mag charger and ammo.



M4A1 speed loader and accessories: are there any budget-friendly options? 


Firearms is an expensive hobby. While it can help you survive in various scenarios, it also requires a lot of resources. When you own something like M4A1, the costs can go even higher. However, when you know what you’re looking for, you can achieve compromise between your budget and your rifle maintenance.


For example, if you’re need a good M4A1 magazine loader, you can start with video reviews to see the pros and cons of each option. However, even if you don’t rely on reviewers, there are several goals a good mag loader should be able to complete:


  • Usability. If you intend to spend a nice day at the shooting range, you probably can do with those mechanized M4A1 magazine speed loader types that go well with all calibers and don’t require you to load each mag manually. But if you carry you M4A1 around a lot and you’re always battle-ready, you need something not that heavy. Something that can be easily taken out of your bag.
  • Versatility. Even though nobody carries several rifles at once while not on the shooting range, many firearm enthusiasts appreciate when one accessory can be used with different platforms. It keeps your mind at peace whenever you pack your range bag and also allows you to save on equipment.
  • Durability. All rifles don’t take kindly to mud and dust but M4 is an absolute diva when it comes to enduring weather conditions. Your whole attention will be focused on keeping your every crevice of your rifle clean and lubricated. So, your rifle kit must be both simple to use and protected from extreme temperatures. After all, needing maintenance for your maintenance tools is the last thing you need.


Of course, it’s up to you to decide and compare M4A1 speed loader with other mag loader but among all options and cost-effective options, Podavach U-Loader probably fully satisfies the concept of a good M4A1 mag speed loader due to its simplicity and the materials it’s made of.  


  • A Podavach U-Loader is a mag loader board made of lightweight plywood with a smooth, lacquered surface. The board has a compartment for ammo and a grove for laying out rounds. After positioning rounds in the grove, the user attaches the mag to the end of the grove. In a single push, all rounds are loaded into the mag, allowing users to load around 4 magazines quickly.  
  • The light weight of the U-Loader and its shape make it the perfect accessory for shooting range and other activities. The loader can be comfortably balanced in the users’ lap, letting the user to load mags with one hand without getting distracted or risking to drop the rounds.
  • All Podavach U-Loader models were designed after a 3D scan of all existing rifles. Therefore a M4A1 speed loader by Podavach is basically their U-Loader for M4 and M16, so it goes for all supported weapons.


As you can see, there are many options to reduce your M4A1-related expenses while keeping your rifle well-maintained and ready for action!