Podavach and Browning Arms Company: The Perfect Match?

Podavach and Browning Arms Company: The Perfect Match?

Podavach and Browning Arms Company: The Perfect Match?

Browning Arms Company has gained love and admiration of a rather wide audience. Big game hunters. Professional military people. Tourists. Athletes. Each group has a reason to be a fan of this brand because Browning Arms Company has a deep history and a wide range of products. It includes firearms (pistols, shotguns and rifles), travel equipment (bicycles and knives), athletes (bows) and even fishing rods and reels for those who enjoy fishing. 

We don’t know whether you like to fish or hike but if you’re reading this, you’re definitely a gun fan. Therefore, you’ve probably been exploring Podavach assortment and wondered, “Would this stuff work with my Browning automatic rifle? After all, products by Browning Arms Company get updated all the time. Are those mag loaders and speed loading boards as efficient as it sounds?”.

Well, no more wondering. Time to get your answers! Let’s take a look at Browning Arms Company, its firearms and how Podavach U-Loaders fit in. 

Browning Arms Company: Supported Weapons 

Browning Arms Company is a friend of all big game hunters, especially those who prefer automatic rifles. Since Browning BAR models are insanely popular, we developed our Podavach U-Loaders to be perfectly compatible with Browning BAR mags. Given a large variety of BAR platforms, we made it work with polymer and steel BAR magazines, easy to attach, easy to load, easy to get ready for an action-packed day at the shooting range. The design of a Podavach U-Loader was made after researching over 30 rifle platforms and models. The great versatility of a standard Podavach U-Loader allows you to place the mag at the end of a feed and insert ammo in a single swipe. 

Due to a layer of protective coating, each U-Loader has a smooth texture that allows you to lay the rounds out, arrange them in a feed channel and load your mag by pressing the magnetic pusher. That quick procedure takes less than 10 minutes and doesn’t leave you with jammed thumbs and aching finger joints. The high level of compatibility makes Podavach speedloader boards a great choice for AK-47 users, AR15 owners and, natureally, everyone who is using an automatic or a semi-automatic rifle. Even if Browning Arms Company comes up with new designs in the nearest feature, our well-organized production process and 24/7 research allows us to adapt, create and test new models as soon as possible. 

Browning Arms Company: Supported Calibers

Browning BAR models are considered to be kings of caliber versatility. Since we wanted to keep up with that, our Podavach speed loader boards can support any calibers chambered by a modern Browning BAR model. That includes .308 rounds, 5.45x39mm and other ammo used for big game hunting. You can see the full lists of calibres that our U-Loaders get along with in the product descriptions. Also, each model comes with a neat schematic that outlines all ammo sizes that can be loaded via Podavach speedloader board.

That approach allowed us to help gun lovers worldwide save their time on preparing for their shooting range trip. Instead of having to switch between several monocaliber mag loaders or carry heavy, multicaliber mag loading systems, we presented a lightweight accessory that doesn’t take up much space in the bag and lets you finish loading and starts shooting. 

Browning Arms Company: Accessories 

The mastery of Browning Arms Company goes beyond producing firearms. The brand is also well known for encouraging tourists, fishing fans and sport enthusiasts to embrace their hobby and live life to the foolest. Browning lifestyle products range from knives and boots to pet accessories. Browning Arms Company aims to provide a truly wholesome experience to every person out there. When it comes to compatibility of Podavach accessories with Browning Arms Company merchandise, we can assure that our accessories can be carried around regardless of your lifestyle. As long as you enjoy firearms, you can count on our accessories and solutions to make your hobby much more fun and hassle-free. From cleaning supplies to rifle cases, we work to enrich your quality time at the shooting range! 

Since Browning Arms Company has a YouTube channel, you can check out the latest news, updates and other interesting content in a click. You’re also guaranteed to find a Podavach U-Loader video review featuring a Browning Arms Company rifle whenever you're browsing internet. 

Whether you’re a hiker, a fishing lover, an athlete, Browning Arms Company is here to help you do what you love without worrying about the quality. In case all of those hobbies come hand in hand with rifle ownership, Podavach is here to help you take good care of your rifles and enjoy every shot at the shooting range.