Range Near Me

Shooting range near me – Choose where you want to shoot

Looking to switch to a different shooting range that doesn’t take hours to get to? Have you just bought a home defense pistol and need some practice to make sure you’re ready to use it to protect your loved ones? At Podavach, we can help you find the nearest shooting range, no matter why you’re looking for it or where you live. To this end, we’ve integrated the WhereToShoot directory that is filled with hundreds of specialized facilities nationwide.

Whether you’re only getting used to handling a gun or want to blow off some steam, there’s a range that hits the mark. And you’ll find it in a matter of minutes.


How to find a gun shooting range near me?

Can’t wait to enjoy your time pulling the trigger? Find your go-to range in just four steps:

  1. Hit your location. If your rifle range near me search is for a different location that is currently shown on the interactive map, you can manually enter where you want to shoot. Input your city, state, or ZIP code to match the results with your shooting needs.

  2. Select the “within mile” distance. You can refine map results by choosing a distance radius. It can help you find a firing range within 5-160 miles from where you are. If no results show up for your selected distance radius, consider changing it to expand your search.

  3. Apply filters. A good way to customize your search beyond locations is to use filters. You can select an indoor or outdoor shooting range, extra services & amenities, shooting competitions, and other options that can maximize your gun time. Map results are based on the filters you enable.

  4. Get directions. Once you’ve set everything up and hit the Search button, you can check out the nearest gun ranges that meet your criteria. Decide on the one you like and get Google Maps directions to it or visit the facility’s website to learn more about it.


Outdoor shooting range near me – When is it for you?

Go for a place to shoot outdoors if you:

  • want to practice long-range shooting, trap shooting, or plinking

  • are eager to master your skills with moving targets, in the wind, or with vehicles involved

  • need hands-on training in the open air

  • are searching for amenities to enhance your shooting comfort (campsites, picnic areas, lodging, etc.)

Are you into shooting sports? Then an outdoor gun range near me search makes more sense than that for an indoor facility. Since most matches are carried out in the field, you’re better off training in a similar fashion.


Indoor shooting range near me – When is it for you?

Customize your search for an indoor facility if you:

  • are all for target shooting without being exposed to the elements

  • want to spend your shooting time in an air-conditioned place

  • badly need to relieve stress nearby, even if it’s in the heart of the city

  • are searching for gun training classes to couple with target shooting

Both outdoor and indoor shooting ranges should provide you with equipment & firearms for rent, ammo, and supervision, regardless of the NSSF membership. We hope you’ll have fun safely!

WhereToShoot is the internet’s most comprehensive listing of gun ranges. Managed by the NSSF, this interactive map is updated frequently with range listings for every state. If you own a firing range or gun club and want to attract more customers, the NSSF encourages you to enter or update your range information free of charge at their website,  WhereToShoot.org.