Choose your magazine loader and accessories at Podavach

Podavach is a project developed by friends for their comrades in arms. Starting off as a single product to assist fighters on the battlefield, Podavach now offers multiple solutions for all AK/AR owners who spend their time at the shooting range or at the battlefield. Whether firearms are your passion, your job or your hobby, our arsenal got something to make your experience better. 

U-Loader: the innovative speedloader board

Podavach U-Loader is an innovative mag speedloader designed specifically to aid Ukrainian military at the battlefield. Since the designers behind the U-Loader were largely familiar with the shooting and reloading routine, they were aware of the main pain points of every rifle user.  This speed loading board became the solution to the following frustrating issues:

  • Extended loading time; 
  • The necessity to use both hands during reloading;
  • Frequent reloading due to limited magazine capacity; 
  • Finger pains after manually loading ammo without gloves;
  • Cold/hot/humid weather conditions that complicate the task. 

The design of our quick mag loader takes all of these concerns into account: from smooth surface that allows you to glide rounds in neatly without getting them jammed to swiftly loading several magazines in less than 50 seconds. Our waterproof, easy-to-carry U-Loaders are also made in different versions to suit multiple AR/AK platforms. 

How does U-Loader compare with other

magazine speed loaders?

Before we started working on the U-Loader, we were well aware of the problems riflemen usually encounter when using standard magazine loaders

  • They were heavy

Carrying an extra speedloader magazine around can be a tiresome task due to the  extra weight added to your ammunition, especially if you have to cover a long distance on your feet or are preparing for a long day on the shooting range.

  • They required both hands

Quick mag charges should make your work easier, not harder. However, many standard mag loaders usually involve a bit of fumbling around, lots of cursing and dropping rounds before they learn the ropes. But even after this, riflemen think about mag loaders with a groan because they know their hands are going to be full. 

  • They were hard to use in intense situations

When you’re out there, you must rely on yourself. However, whenever you work with your mag charger, you waste precious moments on reloading instead of evaluating your surroundings and taking aim. 

Our U-Loader weighs less than a common mag charger. Being a loading board, it doesn’t require complicated procedures or getting through a complicated system of latches or locks to get the thing done. Rounds can be rolled in swiftly without distracting the marksman from action. 

Podavach speed loader: calibers

Since our U-Loaders were made to fit the needs of AK/AR owners, they are highly compatible with all calibers that are used for this type of firearms.  

For instance, each U-Loader model designed specifically for a certain platform goes well for the calibers that are compatible with that platform. Our range of supported calibers includes 6.5 Grendel, .300 BLK, 5.45x39,  .224 Valkyrie, etc.

Is there any mag speedloader ammo?

In spite of our expertise with ammo, we don’t sell or ship ammo to use with quick mag loaders. We can only provide tips and suggestions on any U-Loader model or even share our knowledge of ammo and calibers with you in case you need to get briefed on hows and whys of using our products. Since we also work with lots of gun reviewers, gun vendors, we can recommend you a reliable vendor or an informative video review on the whatever weapon or product that catches your interest. 

Is it possible to buy the main mag loader supported weapons?

Currently, Podavach is the developer and vendor of firearm accessories, but not firearms. Therefore, while we prove numerous accessories for rifles, ammos and magazines, you would have to check out our partners if you’re looking for a shiny new AK or AR. Also, we can consult you on any firearm-related questions. 

Magazine speedloader accessories

In addition to our core product, we also provide multiple accessories to guarantee you extra assistance on the battlefield. Our range of accessories is focused on the following directions: 

  • Gear storage
  • Rifle transportation
  • Weapon maintenance

To help you store your weapons and safely transport them wherever you need to go, we offer MOLLE-enforced cases and range bags that include numerous pockets for keeping all your belongings in one place and ensure that nothing gets lost in your way from point A to point B. Whether you need something for transporting your speedloader, a new case for your rifle or even a comfortable leather mini-case for your ammo, we have it all. Several of our items are made from authentic leather and exclusively for each buyer. 

Need to keep your guns clean and shiny? Don’t forget to check out our innovative cleaning wipes that allow you to get your rifle battle-ready with a single wipe. 

We never stop working on new solutions and accessory ideas, so, if you’re a fan of improving your experience even in its smallest moments, updating our page is strongly recommended.