Sierra Bullets and Podavach

Sierra Bullets and Podavach

Sierra Bullets and Podavach

Almost as historical as Winchester or Browning, Sierra Bullets is certainly a remarkable brand that represents everything gun fans of America cherish and love: a combination of quality, variety, great love for guns, and respect for discipline. Since 1947, Sierra Arms Corp has been supplying every gun owner interested in shooting sports with great options for shotguns, pistols and, naturally rifles. Claiming to be dedicated to producing the most accurate bullets in the world, Sierra Bullets remain true to their motto, uniting generations of firearm enthusiasts and people with passion for big game hunting. 

That raises the question of choosing the right loading equipment. Would multicaliber mag loaders be able to do the trick? 

Sierra Bullets: Weapons

When it comes to weapon expertise, Sierra Bullets excels. To create the perfect bullet for a rifle or a shotgun, one has to know all these firearms from inside and out. Therefore, Sierra Bullet’s proficiency encompasses handguns, shotguns, rifles, sports rifles, etc. To ensure that it has something good to offer to all types of gun owners, Sierra Bullets divides its products into several speciality: 

  • Defend. Following the wake of 9/11, the company decided that no citizen of America will feel vulnerable in their own country. To mark its words, Sierra Bullets started producing bullets for warfighting and law enforcing organizations of the United States, that are the frequent users of M16A2, M16A4, M16s, and various M16 platforms. 
  • Protect. While this speciality sounds almost synonymous with Defend, it’s directed towards private matters and ensuring that no American citizen will feel unsafe in their own home. This specialty is focused towards producing handgun bullets as well as bullets for rifles that are approved for civilian use, such as AR15 or AK-47. 
  • Hunt. This speciality is designed to meet the needs of big game hunters, provide them with bullets that kill their quarry in a matter of seconds and, logically, ensure that each hunting season ends safely. The Hunt speciality covers special hunting rifles and hunting equipment. 
  • Compete. Within this speciality, Sierra Bullets addresses the competitive side of firearm lovers club, allowing professional marksmen and athletes stock up with bullets that are officially allowed to be used at the shooting competitions. 

As you can see, Sierra Bullets provides ammunition for all kinds of firearm platforms and models. However, how well do its products work with Podavach U-Loaders? 

Sierra Bullets: Supported Calibers

Podavach U-Loaders were designed to offer 100% compatibility with such platforms as AK-47, AR10 and AR15 (including all its iterations, such as M16, M16A1, etc. Therefore, it means that if you’re a rifle users who regularly stocks up with .308 or .224 bullets made by Sierra Arms Corp, we’ve got some good news for you. In fact, there are not so many AR bullets and calibers, Podavach U-Loaders are not compatible with. The design of Podavach speed loader boards was based on a 3D model that covered features of all well-known existing rifle platforms. That, in turn, allowed us to ensure that whenever you get ready for a field day, you don’t have to staff your bag with 101 monocaliber mag loaders. Instead, you’d only need to take one versatile mag loader that would be much lighter than standard magazine loaders, while helping you save time on loading. 

The smooth surface of a U-Loader allows you to lay out the bullets and swipe them into the mag in one fluid motion - this is what made mag loading boards a new aesthetic! 

Sierra Bullets and Podavach accessories

Bullets by Sierra Bullets are truly amazing. Starting with the core and ending with packaging, the entire process is heavily monitored and constantly improved. Also, it doesn’t hurt to mention the quality of bullet jackets. Made of copper alloy, each bullet jacket goes through multiple quality control stages ensuring that each bullet carries the company’s philosophy and individuality while being functional and compatible with the high standards of Sierra Bullets. In other words, bullets by Sierra Bullets are truly a masterpiece.

And a masterpiece deserves a good treatment.

In addition to basics, such as cleaning supplies, we at Podavach pay our respects to the works by Sierra Bullet with some handcraft of our own. All buyers of our store can get stylish and convenient leather accessories that are designed specifically for storing ammo. For example, we offer hand-crafted ammo pouches made of fine Italian leather. Such accessories combine utility and style, allowing you to carry your rifle bullets around in your pocket, while using an ammo pouch that looks like a neat, business-like handbook. Each pouch is created for every buyer individually. In addition, we offer hand rifle cases and range bags that provide a plenty of pockets for all your bullet-storing needs.