SIG Sauer AG and Podavach Products

SIG Sauer AG and Podavach Products 

SIG Sauer AG and Podavach Products

Many firearm fans know this European brand and the transformation it went through. The original SIG Sauer was founded in 1976 between business partners from Switzerland and Germany. Later, it got split in two sister companies. One of them is called SIG Combibloc Group, and is no longer affiliated with firearms and weaponry. Another company retained its firearms specialization and was temporary renamed into Swiss Arms AG. Currently, it has been renamed back into SIG Sauer with slight altercations. So, to be completely fair, it’s SIG Sauer. And, in spite of the name change, it is and has always been in an amazing shape.

Currently, SIG Sauer AG boars a huge catalog of pistols, rifle, firearms, ammunition and other types of security equipment. Of course, it’s the rifles that got our instant attention. The perfect mix between Swiss quality and German accuracy won’t leave an experienced gun lover indifferent. Therefore, we had to make sure that everything we offer is able to keep up with the incredibly quality of the rifles developed and made SIG Sauer AG. 

SIG Sauer AG: Loaders 

When we were designing our U-Loader, we crossed out every disadvantage people commonly experienced with traditional loading. 

  • Monocalibre shenanigans. Usually, a good mag loader works as intended only when it's designed for one particular calibre. It’s seemingly not a big deal, but what to do if you accidentally switch your AK-47 and AR-10 mag speedloaders? Your entire day at the shooting range would be ruined for sure. Therefore, having one but multicaliber loading device allows you to stay calm and avoid the headache.
  • Finger hazard. Yes, even lightweight mag loaders made of polyamide and plastic can leave you with a pinched finger and sore thumbs. The only way to give your hands some rest is to remove all springs and coils from your lading process, keeping it simple and minimized. 
  • Durability. Things get broken all the time. And if your mag loader has an intricate inner structure, it may get easily damaged after heavy rain or snow. Removing that structure and thinking of something less susceptible to bad weather, allowed us to discover and appreciate the benefits of plywood. It’s an eco-friendly material that weights next to nothing and provides endless customization opportunities. What is there not to love about plywood? 

In the end, we received something capable of meeting the needs of every high-maintenance rifle – a mag loading board that had only one pusher for getting all the mags loaded in less than 10 minutes!

SIG Sauer AG: Supported weapons

When it comes to rifle platforms, we have zero doubts about SIG Sauer AG and its compatibility with our mag loader. Our U-Loader models are based on a 3D model that combined all existing rifle platforms, providing us with an opportunity to create a loader that would negate the difference between an AK-47 mag and an M16 mag. Needless to say, modeling allowed us to achieve our goal and made us more confident about offering your U-Loaders for the latest rifle models. 

The large part of SIG Sauer rifles, such as TREAD or SIG716, are based on an AR15 platform. Since our arsenal is based on AR15, AR10, AK-47 platforms, we’re confident about mag compatibility and our ability to let make the most out of testing your new rifle by SIG Sauer AG. It’s an easy way to forget about your worries and focus entirely on the comfortable weight of SIG rifle in your arms and the focus you feel when pulling the trigger and hitting your target at the range. 

SIG Sauer AG: Supported calibers 

Since SIG Sauer AG favors AR platforms, its preferred calibers are pretty easy to pinpoint. Our U-Loaders are designed to work with traditional assault rifle cartridges, such as 7.62, 5.56 (NATO) and 6.5 Creedmore. Therefore, your SIG Sauer AG purchase guarantees the perfect synergy with our AR15 U-Loader. Stability and accuracy are the qualities SIG Sauer AG has always taken a great pride in. Our experience with its product has showed us that it’s pride was well-deserved.

SIG Sauer AG: Accessories

In addition to the rich and innovative line of rifles and pistols, SIG Sauer AG also offers a huge variety of accessories, apparel and security devices. This shows the company’s ability to take care of its buyers and ensure that whenever they need something to feel safe and prepared, they need to go no further, than SIG Sauer AG website menu. At Podavach, we help all weapon accessories manufacturers reach full efficiency by providing our own set of accessories. While mostly focused around gun maintenance and ammo storage, it also offers several smart solutions for hiking and security.