SU16 Accessories

Best SU-16 accessories for your sport utility rifle

Firing the SU-16 by Kel-Tec – whether at a range or when hunting – is like witnessing the marriage of unprecedented accuracy and recoilless beauty. All models of the series are lauded for being gas-operated and shooting flat, making them an excellent choice for plinking. But the icing on the cake is their Picatinny rails. These make room for additional SU-16 accessories, including optics, so that you can shoot like a pro, even if it’s your first rifle.

What makes this series “sport utility” is that all the SU-16 models are far from being heavy. Pair this with a foldable configuration – and you have one of the most compact firearms with only up to 5lbs in its weight.

Whatever SU-16 rifle you own, you can rest assured it works with 5.56x45mm. And that means it’s compatible with Podavach’s U-Loader for way more effortless loading!


U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader U-LOADER Podavach | Ukrainian Firearm Accessories Hot IN STOCK

U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader


U-LOADER ELITE AR15+AK Magazine Speed Loader


How does the U-Loader stack up against other SU-16 speed loaders?

The U-Loader is an easy-to-use device that makes the once-tiresome reloading process a breeze. It feeds ammo into a standard magazine for the SU-16 at the touch of a pusher, saving you the pain of inserting each round with your thumb. Thus, you can load multiple mags beforehand to avoid time-consuming reloads in the middle of your shooting session – be it outdoors or at a range.

Take a glance at what makes our Kel-Tec SU-16 magazine speed loader different from mediocre devices of the same kind:

  • It goes well with all SU-16 models and calibers. With our device, you don’t need another speed loader if you decide to change ammo or switch your SU-16A for SU-16C. It’s a multi-caliber solution for all types of riflemen and for all occasions.
  • Using it is a no-brainer. While most SU-16 speed loaders require a lot of practicing to get the hang of the assisted loading process, our U-Loader proves to be straightforward right off the bat. Its operation is driven by a magnetic pusher, which couldn’t be simpler.
  • It’s weatherproof. When on the battlefield, you have to get through mud, sand, and water more often than not. The U-Loader will make it without taking a hit. Built with Baltic Birch plywood and coated with polyurethane lacquer, our device won’t let you down even in the most unrelenting conditions.
  • It’s lightweight. The overloaded soldier is a vulnerable soldier. Military gear, ammo, and weapons along are super-heavy, and carrying another burden is when things may go from bad to worse. That is why we’ve made our Kel-Tec SU-16 magazine speed loader as lightweight as possible.
  • It’s maintenance-free. The U-Loader’s ammo feeding mechanism works smoothly without any lubrication between reloads. Let rounds glide into magazines for your SU-16 by using a pusher, and that’s it.

What about the prices? At PODAVACH, you can buy this SU-16 magazine loader and other accessories for your sport utility rifle for less than anywhere else. We ship both domestically and internationally, providing gun folks with top-notch products to enhance their shooting experience!