Winchester Products and Podavach

Winchester Products and Podavach

Winchester Products and Podavach

Winchester is a legendary name. Even those who aren’t the part of gun community, recognize it either as a famous brand or a mystical story of Sarah Winchester. There is little surprise because Winchester is one of the oldest brands dedicated to producing quality rifles, top notch firearms, and amazing firearm accessories. Pretty much, if you’re looking for reliability, longevity, and convenience, Winchester is your choice. 

Podavach is a relatively new product on the accessories market, but we did our best to make sure that our speedloaders help their owners make the most out of their experience with their favorite firearms. Let’s take a look at our results and see why Podavach U-Loaders make a good choice for anyone who wants their Winchester rifles loaded fast.


Winchester: Loaders

While Winchester provides a wide range of quality accessories and its rifles are incredibly easy to work with and Winchester mags are truly something, the everlasting issue with time-consuming loading still stands. This is where Podavach steps in with a fast an efficient solution – mag loader boards made of eco-friendly plywood.

  • Why boards? We had to decide between size and volume. The design of a Podavach U-loader allows you to position it in your lap comfortably and load an entire mag in one move. No more loading mags one by one, no more jamming, no more issues with dropping ammo or losing important components.
  • Why plywood? Traditional mag loaders are usually made of steel or plastic. The most complicated magazine loaders consist of numerous parts and components that allow to load a mag efficiently, yet require lots of maintenance and can be very vulnerable to weather conditions. We opted to avoid any possible complications and went for an easier, more convenient alternative – lightweight, durable plywood that is resistant to humidity, freezing cold, and heat. In the end, you’re able to enjoy your target practice and stay confident about the safety of your equipment.  
  • How does it work? A U-Loader by Podavach has an incredibly simple design. There are no levers, buttons and compartment. You only have a placeholder for your ammo and a special channel for inserting rounds. After you have them all laid out neatly, facing the entrance of a mag, you press on the pusher, efficiently loading your magazine in a single move. The entire process takes around 5 minutes.  


Winchester: Supported weapons

So, how do our lightweight mag loader boards work together with Winchester rifles? As you know, Winchester is famous for producing the following quality rifle types: 

  • Wildcat 22. A trademark rifle platform that is adored by rifle enthusiasts worldwide for its accuracy, reliability and incredible efficiency in small game hunting.  
  • Super-X. A powerful rifle for big game hunting that is loaded with .308 ammo for maximum impact.
  • Remington Model 700. A .223 rifle that is highly useful for deer hunting and delivers brand new experience whenever there is a hunting season. 


What do Podavach speed loader boards have to do with all these rifles? They are 100% compatible with them! Going beyond traditional STANAG mags, it works with Winchester polymer mags and plastic magazines. Your mag of choice can be easily attached to the lip of the loader board, allowing you to quickly fill up the loading channel and get started with loading. 


Winchester: Supported calibers

We designed our Podavach mag speed loaders to be multicaliber. That means that we don’t discriminate. Whether you’re comfortable with a .308 or a stick to a 6.5, our U-Loaders are at your service. With the help of a schematic available at the surface of every U-Loader, you’ll never have to resort to the trial and error approach. The information about the smallest and the largest calibers supported by Podavach mag loaders is always in your hand’s reach. 


Winchester: Accessories 

When it comes to merchandise and accessories, Winchester remains faithful to making your use of Winchester firearms more effective, accurate, and satisfying. From scopes to choke tubes, its expertise is unparalleled. At Podavach, we prefer to meet such needs as: 


  • Firearm maintenance. We develop superior cleaning supplies to make sure that your shotgun or rifle is protected from corrosion and ready for action.  
  • Need for style. We all want to do our best at the shooting range or in the field. We are happy to make it happen by offering a great gallery of exclusive carry cases, customized ammo pouches, fine leather range bags, and handy Podavach merchandise. 
  • Resource optimization. Let’s face it, owning guns requires investment. At Podavach, we produce high quality accessories that let you take care of your Winchester rifle without worrying about your expenses. Our products will serve you for years to come!