U-Loader AR15+AK Krait Podavach Company
U-Loader AR15+AK Krait Podavach Company
U-Loader AR15+AK Krait Podavach Company


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    To add more brightness to your shooting experience, this stylish U-Loader for AR 15+ AK is at your service. It’s as functional and efficient as the original model, letting you load up to 10 magazines in 4 minutes regardless of the weather and battlefield conditions. If you want your multicaliber solution for quick and pain-free reloading look extra cool, this U-Loader is the best choice for you. Note that this model is limited edition and is flying off the shelves! So if that bright piece caught your eye, don’t hesitate to take action.

    U-Loader Specifics:

    • the pusher is equipped with a magnet for extra security
    • loads any steel, aluminum or bakelite magazine under 15 seconds
    • round markers for different calibers (10, 20, 30) are etched on the loader
    • supported by 3 rubber feet to prevent gliding
    • waterproof and durable to stay in action even during cold/wet seasons

    Guarantees: lifetime warranty  

    Supported platforms: AK (AK47, AK74, AKS, AKM, etc.), MSR15, AR15 (M16, M4, Ruger Mini etc.)

    Supported calibers: 5.56x45, 7.62x39, 6.5 Grendel, .300 BLK, 5.45x39mm, .223, 204 Ruger, .224 Valkyrie, 25-45 sharps, and similar.

    Materials: Baltic Birch Plywood

    Color schemes:

    • Krait (black and yellow)

    Designed for:

    • Riflemen who practice their shooting in cold/freezing weather
    • Marksmen who train in intense combat conditions
    • Seasoned riflemen: to get rid of finger pain and improve user experience
    • Beginning riflemen: for a smoother and more natural training

    Cases/compatible accessories:

    The U-Loader is highly compatible with our Range Bag. To get the perfect accessory for storage and carrying, look here.

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