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When it comes to the range, setup and reloading take away so much time from shooting. This loader solves this issue. It’s light and durable and the @hexmag and @magpul mags eat the rounds right up. Try these guys out!

The Selous Armory

I’m an admin for and Alex sent me one of these to inspect and asked for my opinion. The Podavach Loader is very versatile, loading multiple platform’s magazines while being simple in design. It’s made with quality materials and craftsmanship and well-engineered.

Mike Kolodziejski (Everyday Civilian)


Podavach Company was founded by 2 good friends Alex and Ivan in 2015 with an idea to help Ukrainian soldiers who were involved in Ukrainian-Russian war in the Eastern Ukraine. First Podavach loader models.

Since that time the company has grown to the well-known worldwide firearms accessories manufacturer with more than 15,000 loyal customers and 30 official dealers just in the US.

All our products were invented, battle tested and are currently produced in Ukraine. Podavach Company mission is to maximize pleasure from shooting-related activities.