How to improve your shooting accuracy

How to improve your shooting accuracy

Watching people running around with guns like it’s a toy is one of the most stressful of experiences. Which is why we highly support any kind of efforts for spreading shooting education among society, even if someone isn’t planning to be the best marksman on the planet. We gathered some tips and tricks for the ones who work to improve their shooting accuracy.

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The most important thing is safety

Always, we mean ALWAYS, treat your gun as if it’s loaded.

The first and the most crucial rule you need to remember: safety is everything when it comes to shooting. You can see people targeting their guns at someone or even to their own faces while peering down the muzzle or trying to figure out something with their guns. It’s common practice even at the shooting ranges where safety is paramount above all other rules.

The best you can do is visit some safety courses or work with an experienced shooter for some length of time. This will help you master the fundamentals of a shooting education. Before that, follow a few simple rules:

  • Don’t keep your finger on the trigger, only when you’re ready to fire;
  • Be sure that nothing is behind your target;
  • Keep an eye on where other shooters are if you’re at the shooting range;
  • Never point your gun at someone or yourself;
  • Always, we mean ALWAYS, treat your gun as if it’s loaded;


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One of the fundamentals is dry firing

Even world champions practice dry firing. It means you shoot without live ammunition. Why is this helpful? First of all, it’s a simulation of actual firing but you have as much time and shots as you need. Secondly, it’s much safer if you’re not skilled yet. Dry firing helps to work on your position, on trigger control and targeting.


Rifle-shooter combination must be a unit

Shooting Accuracy

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You must remember: a rifle is not a separate object, it should be a part of you while shooting.

When you’re holding a firearm, don’t try to fight it, try to follow the way it points but softly target it. To create a unit with your gun, you should take the natural shooting position and feel relaxed and comfortable. Then you’ll feel the way your rifle points and you can move the whole unit to target properly, not just a gun.


Practicing at longer ranges with reactive targets should be your choice

Shooting Accuracy target

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This approach is pretty simple: you can hear when you hit a target. Especially at the beginning, shooting instructors recommend using reactive targets like steel, cans, bottles, and shoot on the long distance. Not all the ranges provide this option but you should consider it when choosing a place to practice.


Ability to relax is crucial for your shooting accuracy

Shooting Accuracy Relax

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Close your eyes, imagine you’re in some harmonious spot and you experience some very peaceful moments. Alternatively, you’re meditating somewhere in a hidden location and getting to a new level of world perception. Yeah, it’s what shooting is all about. You need to feel as harmonious as you can be to truly apply all your shooting skills. Be safe and sound, and your gun will work for you and your shooting accuracy.


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