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The frustration of handloading magazines, especially if you need to load a lot of them, is very real. You can easily spend more time on the range loading mags than actually firing your weapon. Imagine also the time saved by military personnel if they could load a magazine in 15 seconds instead of a minute. Well, now you can stop imagining and experience slick, frustration-free mag loading thanks to the Podavach magazine speed loader.


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What is so special about the new quick mag loader?

In 2015 Podavach was founded in Ukraine by Ivan and Alex who had a dream to provide a slick, easy magazine charging solution for Ukrainian troops. The flagship product of the company is the speed loader, made from sustainably sourced materials and featuring a stylish and near indestructible design the speedloader does not sacrifice form to function and looks as good as it performs.

The speed loader caters for most modern assault rifle calibers and magazine styles including AR-15, AK and Ruger mini 14 mags in five different calibers.

What is new loader made of?

Made from laminated Baltic-birch and crafted by hand the speed loader comes with a durable waterproof treatment and can be purchased in a variety of color schemes to suit your requirements and taste. Despite being a very robust unit the speed loader seems to defy the laws of physics and weighs less than a fully loaded assault rifle magazine. This makes it easily portable and expedient to carry even on the battlefield where slick loading of magazines can make a massive difference during sustained fire.

Advantages of Padavach magazine quick loader

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What weapons is the new loader compatible with?

The speed loader caters for most modern assault rifle calibers and magazine styles including AR-15, AK and Ruger mini 14 mags in five different calibers. Not only does it cater for three different magazine styles and all the varieties of weapon in each of these categories, for example AK47, AK74, AKS and AKM as well as AR-15 (M16, M4, Ruger Mini) it copes with all the following ammunition types; 5.56 x 45.., .223, .300 BLK, 5.45 x 39mm and 7.62 x 39mm and it does so without the need for any adjustment between uses.

Podavach loader compatibility

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Not only do you never need to adjust it but the system features no fiddly components allowing you load magazines easily even when your hands are cold, your wearing gloves or even one-handed. The loader is fitted with six rubber feet so even if you are loading with one hand and can’t hold the loader still with your other hand the grippy rubber feet won’t allow the loader to slide around making one-handed loading that bit easier.

Vital information is clearly marked on the loader and the ammo level is clearly shown as well so you don’t have to tediously count rounds into the loader but just drop them in until it reaches the necessary level and charges your magazine in one slick movement. The single moving part is the pusher which pushes the rounds into the magazine and this is ingeniously retained with a magnet so you don’t risk dropping and losing it. A convenient ammo tray allows you to have the next mags ammo ready as you line up the rounds for the first.

New magazine speed loader

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How did the users rate the new loader?

The speed loader has garnered excellent reviews and been featured on popular Youtube vlogs where you can see it in action and begin to appreciate just how much time, energy and frustration it will save you. In fact to quantify the time you could save, imagine as an avid shooter that you go to the range once a week for thirty years, now I hope to be shooting for a lot more than thirty years but let’s take thirty as a starting point. Over those thirty years, the Podavach team has calculated that you could save over a month of real time by using the speed loader over having to hand load all your magazines.

To see the speed loader in action you can check out some of the great Youtube reviews on the product, Sootch00’s video review shows him loading multiple different mags, calibres (including some unusual calibres such as the 6.5mm Grendel and .25-45 sharps) and weapons using the Podavach speed loader and he holds the speed loader in very high regard.

A couple of other reviews to check out:

All this innovation and quality has paid off too, over 1000 loaders were supplied to Ukrainian troops and have been tested under battlefield conditions and feedback from the troops has led to further refinements in the product and resulted in the product available now. Since then Podavach has supplied over 10,000 loyal customers worldwide and now works with over 30 distributors in the U.S. alone.


Is there anything new?

The 20-person team at Podavach not only produces a wonderful product but carries out seventy percent of the work on their speed loaders by hand, spending on average ninety-six hours crafting each one to make your life on the range, preparing for combat and on the battlefield that little bit easier.

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Try one out, it will really make a difference.