Proper Firearm Storage: A How to Guide

Proper Firearm Storage: A How to Guide

The three most important words to a gun owner are safety, safety, and safety. The first cardinal rule of gun safety is that the firearms should always be stored unloaded. The ammunition should always be stored in a separate location. 

Children can be quite clever in their quest to gain access to things. Therefore, it makes the job of gun-owning parents much harder. Where are the best places to store your guns though? Let’s explore some options.

Out of Sight, out of mind

One of the best ways to keep guns safe without breaking the bank is to keep your firearm hidden. It could be the back of the closet in the master bedroom or in the back of a drawer.  

Children can be very enterprising. It could be that shopping trip when they happen to come across the firearm. Hiding the gun is okay very short term. However, a more permanent solution is still required.

Gun Safes

This is a no-brainer. Like other safes, they are fire-proof and they do their best to be theft-proof. They are designed to deter the most clever tool wielding adult. Therefore, there is an excellent chance  they will keep a barrier between the gun and your curious children. 

They are a safe and practical choice in any gun-owning household. They are also available in almost every shape, size and budget. They can also be equipped with some cool tech. They include biometrics which uses fingerprint recognition as well as radio frequency identification. This is where you have a card or key chain gadget and you wave it over a reader to unlock the safe.  

A number of options exist in this category. They range from hideaway storage for a single handgun to a large storage box for your arsenal.

Gun Boxes

These are simple but very rugged storage solutions for your gun. They can survive anything from sledgehammer impacts to being dropped on to a concrete surface from up to 5 meters. 

There are different ways to access the contents inside. Some are equipped with RFID technology. Others use biometric readings to open.Some even come with motion sensor alarms and GPS trackers in case the box is stolen. In addition, you can store other valuables like Passports and jewelry in them at the same time. If you have one of the bigger safes, it would be good to bolt them to some concrete surface. This would deter thieves from trying.

Gun Cabinets 

When it comes to cost, gun cabinets are more economical than safes. There are two types and you can find them in your local bix box hardware store. 




The first type is the longer version of the Gun Boxes. They are built to fit a rifle and can either stand on their own or be installed into a closet system. These ones are safer and more resistant to theft and tampering. The only drawback is that they may not be as sturdy because the only barrier between the guns and the thief is a thin sheet of steel.

The other type is the classical cabinet which has doors with glass windows. This is useful to display a collection as well as keeping the firearms in one place. The drawbacks of this way of storage is that the gun is pretty much out in the open, the locks are not as sophisticated, and anyone can break the glass to get access to the guns.  

Personal Arsenals

There are hobbyists who really like to show off and to be able to walk into a room and feel like Bruce Wayne. With these individuals, an armory room may be useful.

First of all, the security of this room is the main priority. The entrance needs to be built with a lot of thought. The walls of this room should be thick and hard to get in. However, once you have everything secure, a room like this can be customized to your specs. You can display your favorite firearm on a Podavach Rifle Stand. You can place them anywhere and they come in black and neutral. The best thing about them is that you can adjust the heights.  


Firearm owners today not only have the benefit of having access to amazing technology in guns but amazing technology in gun storage as well. No matter what your storage needs are or what is your budget, it is almost possible for you to find something appropriate. Here are a few last summarizing tips for you to store your guns properly.

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