Steyr Aug 101:What You Should Know About It

Steyr Aug 101:What You Should Know About It

The Steyr AUG assault rifle is a reasonably popular weapon in history. It has been developed since the late 1960s by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch and stands for Universal Army Rifle. Rifle production began in 1978 and continues to this day.

The Steyr AUG is designed for the standard 5.56x45 mm NATO cartridge. This includes a gas piston bullpup that fires from a closed bolt. The rifle has a trigger that produces semi-automatic fire and has a safety mechanism located above the handle.

This weapon has a plastic body. It is also worth noting that the internal construction uses a high level of synthetic and modern alloy components. When the rifle began to gain popularity in the 1980s, it became a media sensation worldwide as there was a panic that anyone could smuggle it through metal detectors and X-ray machines because it was made "of plastic."

Steyr AUG 101 in the USA

The path of the AUG rifle in the USA has been quite interesting. The import of this weapon began in the 1980s as AUG/SA (semi-automatic). Rifles sold slowly due to their price and unique design. The first A1 model had built-in 1.5x optics.

However, the AUG was banned due to the 1989 ban on imports of assault weapons. This led to a sharp increase in prices for other rifles. Six years later, avid Steyr AUG fans have received some good news. With minor changes, the rifle could be imported under the 1994 federal assault weapon ban. 

In 2004, the ban was lifted, and in 2008, Steyr Arms partnered with Saber Defense to legally develop enough parts in the United States. Production has slowed due to legal problems for the Saber.

But Steyr Arms "found a way out" and, in 2012, entered into partnerships with VLTOR and FN USA.


Steyr AUG has received some enhancements that can significantly help with training. It includes quick magazine changes, shoulder transition, trigger, and laser setting options.

Since the original rifle design is prone to malfunction in certain situations, the extended magazine release button was improved. 

The main issue with the original piece was that the magazine release only happens when the button is already recessed into its port. However, the new design helps prevent such issues and enables faster and more reliable magazine replacement.

Shooters need to fire the rifle when switching to the supporting shoulder, so the Steyr AUG has received another improvement. This is a new design that helps protect the person as well as the plastic stock. The body deflector pushes the casings forward or to the side, making it ideal for shooting in a combat stance from any shoulder without additional modifications or attachments.

Steyr AUG vs F2000 and PS90

Steyr AUG

Steyr AUG | PODAVACH Mag Loader AUG


Steyr AUG can fire 5.56 NATO rounds and is used in countries such as the United States, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Steyr AUG has the following features:

  • Comfortable safety mechanism located above the handle.
  • Customizable pistol for right-handed or left-handed use by replacing the bolt with a right-handed or left-handed model.
  • Standard models are equipped with a 1.5x telescopic sight and carry handle.


FN F200 | PODAVACH Mag Loader AUG

The F2000 is a bullpup rifle that fires 5.56 rounds of NATO caliber with extreme precision.

The functions that make the F2000 a special weapon among others:

  • It's completely symmetrical, so if you're left-handed, you don't have to worry about discomfort.
  • The rifle is equipped with a 1.6x optical sight.
  • Throwing the sleeve forward protects the left-handed shooter's face.


FN P90 | PODAVACH Mag Loader AUG

Another equally well-known weapon is the PS90.

PS90 has a rather unusual design, and people don’t believe that it is accurate. But a good reputation has made it popular in the United States.

Unique Features:

  • Symmetrical and easy to operate for both right-handed and left-handed shooters.
  • Throws the casings down, protecting the left-handed shooter's face.
  • The magazine is at the top of the barrel, not below it.

Steyr AUG is what you need

This model is ideal for defensive situations. With its compact configuration and performance, it's an excellent choice for small shooters. 

In addition, our Podavach company has created the MAG LOADER Steyr AUG Magazine specifically for this model.

Weighing 600g, this loader is one of the most lightweight AUG magazine loaders out there. It’s easy to carry and boasts a handle crafted for a firm grip on the go. It will never harm your hands or shoulders when you head off to the field, as this loader is even more lightweight than a fully loaded 30-round AUG mag.

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