PODAVACH was founded in 2015 when three good friends, Alexey, Ivan and Andriy came up with ​​a tool to help Ukrainian troops on the front lines. During this time, the company has achieved a high reputation in the market, and become a world-renowned manufacturer of shooting accessories. 

In 2016, our test batches were shipped to US customers. As a result, we received a lot of positive feedback. In 2017, our warehouse was opened in the US, and the company could start exporting.

During PODAVACH’s development, we have participated in numerous international firearms exhibitions and opened various fulfillment centers worldwide to deliver our products as quickly as possible.


The company's primary mission is to make shooting and training safer, more effective, and fun.

Today, more than 40 specialists work to create our premium products. Our team has reached the level of quality where people not only purchase PODAVACH products with pleasure but also spread the word among their friends.

In 2021 alone, we have collected about 50,000 satisfied clients around the world. It gives us a great incentive to continue the ongoing process of research and development of new equipment. 

Our U-Loader is versatile; it covers about 80% of the weapon platforms on the US market and more than 12 calibers at a time.

In production, we use only natural, eco-friendly materials, including Baltic birch. The perfect combination of this wood and our paint ensures stain resistance on every U-Loader. Thus, with a light touch of a washcloth, our customers can quickly restore its shine.

We chose birch because it's a relatively strong material that makes the U-Loader safe from any drops, bumps, and cracks, even if you drop it. Our company also uses an exceptional polymer finish to make the products waterproof and durable. Now you don't have to worry about humidity, cold, or extreme heat!

Last but not least, birch is a fast-growing tree, which minimizes the U-Loader’s environmental impact.

“We always put the quality of our products first. When it comes to the arms industry, you can't count on 99% of the results. Therefore, all our products undergo quality control at all stages of development."- Ivan, Technical Director of the PODAVACH company