AK47 Magazine Speedloader and Accessories

AK47 is that kind of firearms that became widely known even among the groups that have never touched a gun in their life. The weapon owes its popularity to media culture. The image of AK47 is often encountered in video games, novels, films, comic books, basically any pieces that cover warfare and action shooting. 

Thanks to Hollywood, most people remember AK47 as a typical action movie antagonist weapon. Also, they believe in a wide range of other myths and stories connected with this rifle. 

  • Myth # 1. AK47 is not the first AK ever developed 

The official name of the firearm was AK or Avtomat Kalashnikova released in 1949. AK47 was the name of the prototype designed in 1947 and used in military trials. The name “AK47” was also mentioned in a short manual that was written before AKs were used as military ammunition and had no official name. The name AK47 was popularized in Western culture and re-introduced into the post-Soviet Russia at some point. 

  • Myth # 2. AK47 can pierce a steel rail

Yes, some people believe that a shot from AK47 is so precise and powerful that it can pierce a railroad rail along its entire length. Luckily, no one has tried it, otherwise it would have been a grim case about a ricochet gone wrong. Sure, AK47 can do considerable damage to steel, especially when loaded with armor-piercing rounds, but the majority attributes the destructive penetration to the weapon itself believing that M43 rounds are more than enough to do the trick. 

  • Myth # 3. AK47 doesn’t need cleaning  

This widespread myth makes many gun-savvy people cringe. If there is a self-cleaning firearm, it’s definitely not on our planet and not in this galaxy. But where did that assumption about AK47 came from? We have David H. Hacksworth to thank for this: 

I pulled the bolt back and fired 30 rounds — the AK could have been cleaned that day rather than buried in glug for a year or so. That was the kind of weapon our soldiers needed, not the confidence-sapping M16”

As always, reality is way more boring. Sure, AK47 is a highly reliable firearm that can perform in the toughest conditions. However its qualities don’t make it immune from bolt sticking, corrosion, jamming, dirt, and debris clogging the barrel and other issues that are common for any firearm that doesn’t get timely cleaned, lubricated, and checked up. Not only does AK47 get dirty, it actually gathers dirt quicker due to the larger number of crevices that collect dust and debris. And the consequences of using a jammed, clogged, unmaintained AK47 are as graphic as one can imagine. So leave magic self-cleaning weapons to novelists and take good care of your weapons.

At Podavach, we have everything you need to make your work with AK47 as pleasant and easy as possible from AK47 loader to various accessories for a better, faster, and more convenient field day preparation. 

AK47: Speedloader board

Since AK47, AK74 and AKM platforms are highly popular among gun enthusiasts, we couldn’t offer anything less than a fully compatible quick AK mag loader to suit their needs in the training field.  

Our number one reason for developing a quick mag charger was to save numerous assault rifle fans across the world from finger pain and help them from losing their favorite gloves to constant rips and holes. If you compare our AK47 speed loader with other mag loaders, you’d see that we opted out of a mechanized approach and went the “less is more” route.

  • Podavach AK47 speedloader is a board with a U-shaped ammo channel and a magnetic pusher for pushing the rounds into a magazine. It doesn’t require using special levers, pistons or buttons: you just quickly insert rounds into the channel and swipe them into a mag with a swift motion with the help of the pusher. The board is very easy to balance or stabilize, so it takes less than 30 seconds for an experienced user to reload a magazine. 
  • Just like other models, our AK74 magazine loader is made of lightweight and durable materials: fine pine plywood makes up the body of the U-Loader, while a set of rubber feet makes it glide-resistant. The U-Loader is covered with a lacquered layer to make its surface extra smooth and prevent nicks or scratches. 
  • When it comes to working with AK47 ammo, our speedloader is compatible with all calibers: 5.45x39mm, 9x39mm, 7.62x39mm. The loading channel is adjusted to a large variety of round sizes, allowing you to use one and the same AK47 mag loader with all the supported calibers. 

If you want to see a Podavach speed loader for AK47 in action, there are many video reviews on YouTube and Instagram available via hashtags  #Podavach and #AK47. We work closely with gun enthusiasts all over the world to deliver booming quality 24/7!