AR15 Magazine Speedloader and Accessories

AR15 is a powerful weapon that requires extra care at the shooting rage and can be a pain to load. Sooner or later, finger pain catches up and starts ruining the fun. Also, carrying several magazines to fit the calibers adds to the inconvenience.

To fix it and make your experience truly satisfying, we developed our special solution.

Podavach AR-15 mag loader boards

After exploring the most common loading struggles riflemen encounter at the shooting range, we designed an innovative magazine speed loader that doesn’t require many steps to reload and go back to action.

Podavach U-Loaders are designed as a board with a crevice for a magazine and ammos. You can easily attach the mag to the board and slide rounds into it by using a magnetic pusher.

The board can be balanced in your lap conveniently, giving you a clear view of the ammo channel. Supportive rubber feet allow you to stabilize U-Loader basically anywhere, ensuring that the rounds slide in without any complications. The entire process of loading takes no more than 30 seconds, letting you load up several magazines in a blink of an eye. 

Podavach AR15 mag charger: ammo

The loading channel has ammo markers etched on it. This small addition lets you keep track of the rounds you insert, making your loading process even more organized and time-saving. 

AR15 mag speedloader: materials

Our U-Loaders for AR-15 are made of smooth, high quality plywood that is covered with a protective polyurethane layer. This is our main way to ensure that you will be able to keep your fingers at rest and prevent nicking them or getting splinters.

The material is waterproof and easy to clean, so your quick mag loader will be your faithful companion at any time of the year. While standard mags also require cleaning and maintenance, our Podavach U-Loaders are always ready for use. One swipe of a cloth is enough to return the gloss to the smooth surface, so you don’t need to worry about carrying extra cleaning supplies.

AR15 loader: supported weapons

Our U-Loaders are developed to support various AR15 platforms including:

  • M16
  • M4
  • Ruger Mini

Our end goal was to create a mag loader that would be compatible with all platforms, eliminating the need to use and transport multiple magazine chargers. 

You can take one AR15 U-Loader to the training field and use it with any of AR15 platforms at your disposal. 

AR15 loader: supported calibers

Our Podavach U-loaders work with all calibers supported by AR15 platforms.Here is the full range of supported calibers:

  • 5.56x45mm
  • .223
  • 300 BLK
  • 7.62x39m
  • 5.45x39mm
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • 204 Ruger 
  • .224 Valkyrie
  • 25-45 sharps

We were able to achieve this compatibility by making detailed 3D scans of each AR15 mag loader in existence as well as conversing with AR15 owners and learning what they would have added to the current range of AR15 mag chargers.

As the result, you now need just one loader to work with several calibers.

AR15 speedloader: accessories

In addition to our innovative U-Loaders, you can also purchase neat, MOLLE-enforced cases and range bags to carry your mag loader around safely. Each range bag is equipped with additional pockets for storing small necessities and extra gear. 

Our cases are available in various color schemes, from standard ones (Coyote, Black, Olive) to exclusive, limited edition styles (Independence Day, Halloween and many others).

In addition to the Podavach cases, you can purchase our exclusive ammo pouches made of authentic Italian leather.

Is our AR15 magazine loader featured on video?

Our U-Loaders are constantly reviewed and tried out by gun enthusiasts. We post their testing videos and reviews in our social media to provide a quick and informative demonstration of our speed loaders in action.

How to compare our AR15 speed loader with other mag loaders? 

Most of the typical AR15 mag chargers are designed to let you load as many ammo as possible. In many cases, their bulk and weight becomes the downside. Such mag loaders are hard to transport, maintain and use during hard weather conditions, not to mention they don’t prevent you from straining your fingers. In addition, many standard AR15 mag loaders aren’t suited for using while wearing gloves.

Compared to them, Podavach U-Loader for AR15 is:

  1. Lightweight. Made of plywood, the U-Loader weighs only 0.60 kg, which is much lighter than any standard model. 
  2. Compact. The U-Loader is equipped with a wide handle for grabbing and carrying. Also, it doesn’t take up much space and will fit into any bag you take to the field. 
  3. Durable. Being battle-tested in cold winter, heat of the summer and rainy seasons, Podavach U-Loaders have proven their efficiency.  

The U-Loader doesn’t require the user to discard gloves, stabilize the loader on the ground or do any extra activities before initiating reload.