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MAG LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader

MAG LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader

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The new element of your AR-10 shooting quality is lightweight, can be easily attached and reattached and enables you to load 2 magazines in 60 seconds with just one hand. Meet AR-10 U-Loader from Podavach – the simple solution that erases finger pain and supports multiple calibers. Highly compatible with metal and polymer magazines, this stylish, battle-tested accessory will deliver you a lot of fun on the range.

*Pay attention, that loader may be incompatible with some rare surplus magazines

Mag Loader Features

  • the pusher is equipped with a magnet for extra security
  • loads any polymer and metal magazine under 15 seconds
  • round markers for different calibers are etched on the loader
  • supported by 3 rubber feet to prevent gliding
  • waterproof and durable to stay in action even during cold/wet season

Supported Platforms & Calibers

Supported platform: AR10

Supported calibers:

  • 7.62x51
  • .308
  • 6.5 Creedmore

You need one

  • Riflemen who practice their shooting in cold/freezing weather
  • Marksmen who train in intense combat conditions
  • Seasoned riflemen: to get rid of finger pain and improve user experience
  • Beginning riflemen: for a smoother and more natural training
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AR10 MAG LOADER makes loading of your longer range rifle so much easier.

Perfect for 7.62x51, .308, 6.5 Creedmorel. Made to fit the exact calibers, this loaders provides unmatched speed and usability in versatile conditions - from hunting grounds to range practice.


Never lose a pusher with simple and strong magnetic gimmick.

It is retained in place by a strong magnet so it can't be lost but still operates smoothly.


Non-slip feet that won't fall off.

2 wide rubber feet prevent your AR10 MAG LOADER speed loader from sliding around as you use it and allow you to load one handed.