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MAG LOADER SKS Magazine Speed Loader

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Improve your shooting experience by using Mag Loader SKS that enables loading up to 10 magazines in a few minutes. No matter what’s the capacity of your magazines 20, 30, 40, you will be able to reload in a swipe and continue shooting! Supports any SKS magazines, water-resistant, pain-free, and quick-to-us.

This Mag Loader also comes in 2 basic color schemes that will look smashing together with carabine of your choice.

Mag Loader Features

  • works with all SKS detachable magazines
  • the pusher is equipped with a magnet for extra security
  • carry handles
  • supported by 5 rubber feet to prevent gliding
  • water-resistant and durable to stay in action even during cold/wet seasons
  • first full-fledged loader for SKS

Why You Need One

SKS Mag Loader for pain-free carbine loading

Let your fingers do the trigger pulling, not loading. Podavach SKS Mag Loader is a trailblazing helper designed for SKS carbines firing 7.62×39mm rounds. Just put your cartridges onto it, place your mag to the side, and enjoy the swiping convenience of its magnet pusher. Your SKS is fully loaded and ready to fire again.

With this loader, you don’t have to put your shooting session on hold. Its speed test has revealed an average shooter can load as many as 10 SKS mags while using it for only 4 minutes. Try it to see how easy and painless your loading experience can be. 

No mag limitations with the Podavach SKS speed loader

What’s the point in investing in a speed loader when it’s not compatible with the magazines you prefer for your SKS? You’re right: this doesn’t make much sense. But this SKS magazine speed loader has nothing to do with limitations.

Place your 20-round, 30-round, or 40-round detachable mag next to the Podavach SKS loader and insert cartridges into it in one go. Polymer magazines? The loader can be used to load these and all other SKS mags you can think of. 

Rely on your loader indoors and outdoors

All SKS magazine speed loaders can survive the rigors of indoor use, but very few preserve their reliability in the field when things get tough. No matter which side you’re on, you know our loader won’t fail.

This SKS loader is ideal for range-goers and outdoorsmen. It packs the durability of Baltic birch plywood and can stand up to pouring rains. Even frigid temperatures can’t impact it, meaning you can take the loader for cold weather shooting. Ice is no big deal because it is slip-resistant with 5 rubber feet.

If you’re planning to trudge through the snow or woodland trails, this SKS speed loader will never be a problem to carry. It’s lightweight, portable, and features two side handles. Plus, you can also buy a carrying case to keep it in during your outdoor trips.

Select your color and go ahead

Complement the wooden stock appeal of your carbine or keep it conventionally simple. This speed loader for SKS magazines is available in the walnut finish and awe-inspiring solid black to make sure your rifle and accessories always look amazing.

Think whether you need a magazine range bag or a carrying case with this loader. Place one order for all your SKS shooting essentials!

Supported Platforms & Calibers

Supported platforms: SKS

Supported calibers: 7.62x39

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