5 reasons to own AR-15

5 reasons to own AR-15

More than just a firearm – The AR-15 became a symbol both for civilian and military weapons, implemented in the M-16. So why is this rifle such a must-have and what features does it have?

Why do you need an AR-15


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AR15 is an iconic American rifle with a long history

When you think about the American weapon, the AR-15 it will definitely occur to you as one of the most common and iconic rifles throughout history. Some might know it as the M-16, a military version of the weapon.


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The Armalite Company was the original manufacturer of the AR-15 even though they specialized more in weapon design rather than production. Eugene Stoner, who at first started as a designer, and created the design of the AR-5, continued his career as a consultant at Colt. It’s when the AR-15 was born after several versions of both the civilian and military weapons.

In 1963, the U.S. Air Force standardized the AR-15 and determined the M-16. After just two years, the M-16 became the military’s primary service weapon. After a while, a company called Eagle Arms started selling the AR-15 to the consumer market, bringing the popularity of the rifle to a whole new level.


An excellent choice for beginners

Reasons to own an AR-15

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Despite being a brother of the military killing machine, the AR-15 is a non-intimidating weapon for those who don’t have enough skill or strength to fire a high-powered rifle. It embodies the definition of a weapon for everybody by having a simple operation and low recoil. Also, the learning process doesn’t require a lot of time and skill.


Perfect for home defense and farmers

What’s so crucial about a self-defense weapon? It needs to be reliable, quick, and efficient in shooting. You need to feel safe and sound having it in your house and be sure it won’t let you down. That’s what the AR-15 is known for – generations of Americans have been keeping this firearm as a symbol of safety and power to defend a family.

The AR-15 is extremely popular among farmers, mostly because it’s handy and equipped with high magazine capacity. It’s used to protect livestock from any predators and can even hurt a pack of coyotes or wild hogs.  


An accurate firearm for shooting at ranges

Reasons to buy AR-15

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Besides all the heritage and obvious advantages for everyday shooting, the AR-15 is also widely used by shooting enthusiasts and professionals. This rifle is very accurate, which is one of the most important features a firearm should have. You pull the trigger and you know exactly where it will hit, which makes it compelling for long-range shots.


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The AR-15 can be your choice if you focus your shooting on speed or accuracy, you can also participate in shooting competitions like 3-guns with your truly American firearm.


Easy to accessorize

AR-15 Podavach Magazine Loader

The AR-15 can become your perfect gun. This rifle is well-customized, and due to its popularity, you easily can find parts and accessories for it. Light, scope, magazine, laser, sling, trigger – it’s all up to you and sometimes a dream comes true.

You can also easily improve your experience while shooting with the AR-15 by customizing and adding some accessories. You can upgrade your rifle and reach better accuracy by changing a trigger into a two-stage one. Using specific types of scopes and sights allows practicing more in different shooting: hunting, competition, plinking, home defense, etc. For instance, PODAVACH speed loader can enhance your shooting experience by charging your rifle. It’s easy and can help you train more at the shooting ranges while you don’t spend time on loading.

The AR-15 is truly a weapon for different aspects of life and people value it for reliability, accuracy, and long history. If you have a passion for firearms and American history, the AR15 is just for you.


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