6 Best AR-10 Rifles on the Market – Complete Guide in 2020 | Podavach

6 Best AR-10 Rifles on the Market – Complete Guide in 2020 | Podavach

AR-10 buyer's guide: The best rifles and speed loaders available on the market

The AR-10 is one of the top semi-automatic rifles you can find these days. It has gained its popularity among weapon enthusiasts and for a reason. Thanks to its unmatched accuracy and light weight, this rifle is the best match for long-range shooting. Whether you're going to use it at the range or for hunting purposes, AR-10 won't let you down. Unlike its smaller analog AR-15 with 5.56x45 mm round, this model does not have limits and can be used for both long-range shooting and hunting. Designed for the 7.62x51 mm cartridge, AR-10 is the best value rifle that provides ample power with a single trigger pull. The powerful round gives this model tremendous versatility, allowing shooters to hunt big game, target shoot, and defend their homes and property. 

As there are many discussions around the top-rated AR-10 rifles, we decided to come up with our in-depth round-up, which aims to make things clearer. Keep reading to find out what are the best rifles on the market and how to choose the right one according to your specific needs and preferences.



AR-10 rifle reviews: Top 2020 models that worth your attention

1.Savage MSR 10 Competition HD

Savage MSR 10 Competition HD

Below are the top rifle models we collected, taking into account their characteristics, price, and versatility:

The Savage MSR 10 Comp HD is a top of the line rifle with an 18-inch barrel that was built for .308. It is stainless steel and carbon fiber-wrapped that ensures maximum durability. It uses a ported muzzle-break to reduce recoil and keep the muzzle on target. The gas block can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of bullet weights, and it is compatible with suppressors. There are no cons to this rifle, except the price. It has an ambidextrous magazine release, and it is exceptionally well balanced for a rifle that weighs around 7.5 lbs. 

The advantages of the Savage MSR 10 Comp HD rifle includes: 


  • durable stainless steel barrel
  • ambidextrous magazine release
  • adjustable gas block

And there is only one disadvantage we can point out - the price.


2.Bushmaster XM10

Bushmaster XM10

The Bushmaster XM10 is one of the biggest names in the industry for a host of reasons. This rifle’s top characteristic is that it is lightweight. Thanks to the polymer receiver, this model weighs only 7.75 pounds. It is one of the lightest AR-10 rifles available. Other popular features are a birdcage flash, which reduces the weapon’s outline, and the forward assist built into the brass the deflector. The birdcage flash will greatly benefit hunters, making their shooting experience second-to-none. Another great feature of this rifle is the forward assist that significantly improves the weapon’s ergonomics. It is also worthy to note that the barrel is chrome-lined and 16 inches in length, making it one of the most accurate AR-10s available. 

This rifle does come with some potential drawbacks. Some gun owners like the polymer receiver because it decreases the weapon’s weight, but others do not believe the polymer holds up well. 

So, let us distinguish the primary pros of this rifle: 

  • durable barrel
  • highly accurate
  • lightweight

The con is that some people may take issue with the polymer receiver.


 3.Daniel Defense DD5V2

Daniel Defense DD5V2

The Daniel Defense DD5V2 is one of the most consistently excellent and lightweight AR-10s on the market. The weapon weighs eight pounds, which is considerably more lightweight than its competitors. Part of this is the rifle’s Strength to Weight profile, which results in a lighter barrel that is both durable and accurate. This weapon’s best feature is its direct impingement gas system, which reduces recoil and prevents overheating. 

This weapon incorporates several safety features that reduce the chance of an accident. The DD5V2 utilizes a two-stage trigger with a heavier trigger pull. The secondary effect of the heavier trigger pull is better accuracy. Furthermore, the trigger guard is adequately sized to prevent a negligent discharge. These top-rated AR-10 rifles are great for beginning shooters. 

Some marksmen may not like the heavy trigger pull, but this one drawback is overshadowed by the DD5V2’s versatility, build quality and reliability. 

The competitive edges of this rifle that should be pointed out, include:  

  • lightweight
  • excellent build quality
  • low recoil
  • less likely to overheat

The minus is that this model has a heavy trigger pull. However, it should not be a problem for professional shooters.


4.Springfield Armory Saint Victor

Springfield Armory Saint Victor

The Saint Victor .308 is one of the newest members of Springfield’s Victor line. This weapon is getting a lot of positive attention because of the excellent specs it carries. The best features of this rifle are several locking tabs that allow the owner to customize it to his or her heart’s content. Other people will like the six-position stock and the pistol grip. Together they allow for more comfortable shooting. There are also QD mounts built into the end plate and stock. These mounts allow for endless options for finding the perfect configuration. 

The primary things shooters will notice is how quickly the muzzle gets back on target, and how easy the trigger pull is. The reason it can get back on target so quickly is the muzzle-break. As for the trigger, it is coated in nickel boron and is single-stage. 

The icing on the cake, however, is the iron sites. Some gun makers are not including iron sites on AR-10/15s because so many marksmen are using red dot sites and other sites. However, some like their rifle old fashioned. For them, Springfield Saint Victor would be the best AR-10 rifle available. 

There are three great advantages this model possesses, namely:

  • iron sites included
  • outstanding trigger pull
  • easily customizable 

However, there is a negative side, as well: 

  • Fellow shooters may not like the noise produced by the muzzle-break


5.Armalite AR-10

Armalite AR-10

The Armalite AR-10 was where it all started. The US Army, looking for a replacement for the M1 Garand, saw the AR-10 and its powerful 7.62x51 round as a viable replacement. Unfortunately, some early teething problems resulted in the army adopting the M14 and later the M16 models. Luckily, the designers did not give up. They chose to smooth out the kinks, and the result was an outstanding all-around semi-automatic rifle. 

The original AR-10 is liked because of its outstanding construction quality. The internal parts do not move, and the fit between the upper and lower receivers is secure. It also has a stainless steel barrel that is triple lapped, resulting in higher levels of durability. All these features make it the best budget AR-10 around.

The only drawback of using this model is a heavy barrel that makes it a bit uncomfortable to shoot without a rest or a bipod. However, this rifle’s track record speaks for itself, and any con is outweighed by the array of benefits by a considerable margin.  

Let us enumerate the primary pros one more time: 

  • tested, tried, and true
  • durable barrel

The con of this rifle is its oversized barrel.


6.Palmetto State Armory AR-10

Palmetto State Armory AR-10

It is one of the best AR-10 rifles out there. The chief reason why it is so popular these days is that Palmetto State Armory manufactures everything in-house. They do not contract any stage of the production process to a second party. This policy ensures a better quality weapon that can be relied on to work day after day. 

The Palmetto State AR-10 uses a mid-length gas system, which results in less impact on the bolt carrier. As a result, the bolt carrier will last longer because it does not have to endure constant hard impacts. The only con about this rifle is the trigger pull. It is a heavy pull, but that is easily fixed by making a quick and inexpensive upgrade. 

So, the primary benefits of the Palmetto State Armory AR-10 model are: 

  • Palmetto State Armories make every part
  • mid-length gas system results in longer-lasting BCG
  • light recoil

The drawback that should be pointed out for our readers is it has harder than average trigger pull.

If you still cannot decide what is the best AR-10 model, we recommend you answer yourself a question of what will the rifle be used for. Each user has their own preferences, so there is no way to say which is best. All of these rifles shoot at extremely long ranges, and they are highly dependable. Remember, the best AR-10 for the money is the one that meets all your needs. 


The Podavach U-loader: An essential tool for high-paced armories

Being able to reload and fire a weapon quickly is a skill people have been trying to perfect since the invention of the first firearm. The British solution was to train their redcoats to fire three rounds a minute from their muskets while standing in a line two ranks deep. Next came breech-loading rifles like the American Springfield Model 1873 and the British Martini-Henry. Small arms continued to develop through the 20th Century, culminating in modern rifles like the AR-10. This weapon can fire ammunition at a very high rate. Anyone responsible for reloading hundreds of 20 to 30 round magazines needs a quick solution for getting ammo on the line. That solution is undoubtedly the AR-10 U-Loader

The primary reason why this device is so popular with AR-10 owners is that it is intuitive and increases the speed with which one can load a magazine. All the user has to do is put the magazine's mouth to the U-Loader’s opening, put the 7.65x51 cartridges into the loader, and then use the magnetic pusher to push the rounds into the magazine. Once the user has the process down, two magazines can be loaded in a minute. An armorer could quickly load a thousand or more magazines in one working day if he or she is working non-stop. 

Most people who have an AR-10 have other rifles like AR-15s, AK variants, and several other rifles that use high capacity magazines. For this reason, Podavach U-Loader can support multiple calibers. Use this device for reloading magazines compatible with: 

  • 7.62x39 mm
  • 5.45x39 mm
  • 5.56x45 mm NATO
  • .300 Blackout
  • 6.5 Grendel 
  • 24-45 Sharps 

Only one U-Loader is needed for all of these ammunition types, which is the chief competitive advantage of this model.


What kind of shooter is the U-loader designed for?

It is worth noting that U-Loader was not made for a specific type of shooter. It was designed for organized events at the rifle range, hunting, shooting sports, and other activities. This essential reloading device would be ideal for: 

  • Riflemen who want a magazine reloading tool that works in all weather conditions
  • Gun owners, LEOs, and military personnel who shoot in intense conditions
  • Seasoned riflemen who wish to reduce finger pain
  • New gun owners who want smoother and more natural training

The U-Loader is made from high-quality materials guaranteed to work for a long time without any malfunctions or damage to the device. They are made from Baltic birch plywood, one of the most reliable construction materials on the European market. Such a sturdy tool is essential for recreational shooters, military personnel, and law enforcement officers who train in all weather conditions. When exposed to sun, rain, and snow, the U-Loader will continue to function. Additionally, the warranty guarantees this device for a lifetime. 

Professional shooters in the police and military often train in intense conditions that require the use of a lot of ammunition. This is particularly true for those who test-fire new battle rifles. Usually, such rifles will be shot thousands of times in a single day or several days to determine the quality of the design and construction. In the military, when groups of people train on their rifles, even more ammunition needs to be loaded. This is where the U-Loader comes in. You can easily load up to thousands of magazines using this device. Just imagine what a team of armorers can do with several of them!

Not only does the U-Loader allow for magazines to be reloaded quickly, but it also allows them to be reloaded comfortably. Manually reloading magazines puts a lot of pressure on the fingertips and joints, especially if the magazines are new. This can cause a lot of pain for people with arthritis and other problems that affect the fingers, hands, and wrists. The U-Loader reduces the amount of pressure that needs to be applied to insert the rounds, resulting in less discomfort.

The U-Loader is not only for people with joint problems, but it works well for young bucks who have not used rifles like the AR-10 and other semi-automatic weapons. Instead of fighting with the magazines to get the rounds inserted, all they have to do is use the magnetic pusher, and they go inside effortlessly. 

AR-10 review - Final thoughts 

The AR-10 is the best rifle on the market for a variety of reasons. One, it has been there since before American involvement in Vietnam, which means that the designers had plenty of time to resolve all of the teething problems. Secondly, as earlier emphasized, the long barrel and high powered 7.62x51 round make the AR-10 more versatile than the AR-15 and its 5.56 round. This rifle can bring down anything in North America or help property owners protect themselves from quite a distance.

As for the U-Loader, it is an essential accessory for top AR-10 rifles and other weapons. It makes work easier. Manually reloading magazines is troublesome, especially if dozens have to be reloaded in a single day, which is usually the case in large organizations that expend a lot of ammunition during training. 

Every shooter can benefit from the U-Loader. Streamline your shooting experience by contacting Podavach and finding out how it can make your day at the shooting range better. 

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