How to save money on shooting range

How to save money on shooting range

If we could, we would all prefer premium bullets, expensive equipment, and customized targets to make the experience on the shooting range unforgettable. Nevertheless, we should consider some options on how to reduce the price of our trips.


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1. Choose Affordable Ammo

There’s a worldwide debate about which type of ammo is better. Most of the common arguments are based on the FMJ bullets being the only affordable option as it’s the first idea which pops in the head when you’re focused on price. Let’s straighten this whole mess out, here and now.

FMJ (full metal jacket) ammo is an extremely common bullet, used on the shooting ranges. Its production requires less time and resources, which reduces the cost of bullets. FMJ ammo consists of a soft-core and harder shell metal, which is why militaries call them ball bullets. This type of ammo is highly spread and well-known for its preventing lead from depositing itself while the barrel fires. However, FMJ can go through a target causing some unintentional damage around.

Basically, FMJ is recommended if you want to save money on the shooting ranges (the price for 500 rounds is about $130) and practice more hours instead of paying lots of money for some premium bullets. In the case of considering ammo for self-defense, you should dig deeper and estimate all the pros and cons of using FMJ among the other types of bullets.

Use FMJ to save money on the shooting ranges

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2. Use Magazine Loader

If you don’t use a magazine loader or use the one-platform loader, you should consider changing to multi-platform. It saves money in two obvious ways:

  • You save time on the shooting range when using a magazine loader instead of charging a rifle with your hands. Thus, you don’t pay for this time on the range. For example, PODAVACH loader charges a mag in 15 seconds. In addition, your fingers are safe, and the process of shooting is smoother;
  • Using multi-platform magazine loaders like PODAVACH brings you the possibility to shoot with different rifles while using one loader. PODAVACH works for AK and AR15 mags and matches every supported caliber: 5.56×45mm, .223, 300 BLK, 5.45×39mm and 7.62×39mm. Also, it’s almost impossible to lose the pusher because it’s held by a magnet.


AR15 Magazine Speed Loader

Image source: Podavach


3. Create Your Customized Equipment

If you go to the gun range regularly, it’s useful to consider bringing your own equipment, not to pay for rent every time. Start with eye and ear protection, taking the specifics of your rifle and shooting range into account. Choose the most high-quality and capacious gun bag so it can serve for years and cover all your needs. It’s better to buy it once instead of suffering everytime you need to take more stuff.


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Another option is just to take a common backpack. You should consider its functionality. It should have a lot of compartments and side pockets to make it ultra-functional and useful during every trip.


4. Use Free Targets or Create Your Own

Reactive targets are the luxury equipment we all dream of, but it’s expensive and not appropriate for regular trips to the shooting range. There are two simple ways how you can save money on targets:

  • Search for some free targets online. Usually, they’re in PDF format. You just print as much as you need without any costs;
  • Bring some paper plates and markers to draw aiming points. It’s better to do it beforehand while you’re preparing for a shooting range.

Use free targets for shooting

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5. Subscribe to local shooting ranges and deals

Planning a trip to the shooting range sometimes looks like buying tickets for a vacation – you should stay on the lookout for better deals and offers to make it cost-effective.

Start with subscribing to some local gun ranges, so you’re aware of discounts and offers. The biggest advantage is saving money while getting the same level of experience. You should follow both newsletters and social media not to miss some possible deals.

Another trick is to check websites with daily deals and coupons, which provide some discounts on shooting ranges. The most common are,, and, but you should also consider some local options. Subscriptions also work here if you don’t want to miss the best deals.


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