PODAVACH 5-Year Anniversary Retrospective

PODAVACH 5-Year Anniversary Retrospective

Well, yes, it is our 5th anniversary. And like on birthdays parents love to look through the photo album of the birthday boy growing up, we share a retrospective of our U-Loaders with you. So let's cut to the chase!

Like always, it was an idea at first. The idea of a single tool that is able to load the most rifles and carbines around the world. And about a year later and some tons of wood shavings and sweat, PODAVACH was created!

Step-by-step evolution of U-Loader. From a piece of wood to a multicaliber magloader that reminds a modern version of itself.

We took a 7.62×39mm mag and a plywood block for a point of start, and after an engineering journey, got the first rough version of a working loader. On each step of this path, some features that are familiar to you from modern U-Loaders appeared. Grip, ammo container, magnetic pusher  all those details were developed and adjusted during field tests and thanks to a lot of feedback from our early adopters from Ukrainian Military.

The prototype of 1st U-Loader that can load both AR15 and AK platforms


Finally, we modified our invention to make it fit for 5.45mm and 5.56mm platforms and with less weight. Kind of a milestone for PODAVACH, because from that moment, it became the U-Loader where “U” is for “Universal”.

After a bunch of visual and ergonomic enhancements, like engraving, shape adjustment, and pusher improvement, a new series of U-Loader with sleeker design and in multiple colors were shown to the world. More lightweight, handy, and handsome than ever before!


U-Loader v5.4 in three design variations. That was our appearance for about a 2016 year.


That was the moment when it started to get tricky in demands of our user community and we needed newer, better products in the product line. Our production grew from a garage workshop into a small but mighty manufactory. So, if there’s a room for choice and improvement, why not make U-Loaders to fit each style, so that everyone could pick their own!  With that idea in mind, we created the 5.5 U-Loader series.


U-Loader v5.5. Besides, there was an option of white pusher.


Throughout the year, we have been adding new colors and thinking about what to change in U-Loader to make it even more awesome.  

So on, a lightweight and daring version was released in the summer of 2017. And the name was PODAVACH FURY.

The red one was a pioneer, and then, one by one, the others appeared throughout 2017-2018.
Thanks to our community photos on Instagram, we made sure that our U-Loader is a very stylish piece. But there is no limit to perfection, so to enhance that feature, our first accessories came in — leather cases for U-Loaders, and grainbooks for rounds.
The first PODAVACH accessories: case and grainbook.
For extra-fancy demands, an elite version of U-Loader was released, with paracord grips and leather case included.
Elite edition of PODAVACH FURY. Classy as hell!
And if the Fury series was about polished curves and swiftness, the next series was about military-style and tacticoolness. It's easily recognizable by camouflage patterns.
CAMO series in its two most popular variations.

Polishing, optimizing, and testing, we went through a good dozen of various versions through the last 5 years and landed on U-Loader 8.0. It is both the latest and the most popular loader variation we have developed, with over 20 K items sold and going.

That's how we came to what PODAVACH looks like now! But there’s still so much ahead. Check our present U-Loaders AR-15+AK here.



U-LOADER AK + AR15 Magazine Speed Loader


U-LOADER ELITE AR15+AK Magazine Speed Loader


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Stay tuned!

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