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Idea of quick and easy magazine loading process

The manual loading of the gun magazine is a very tough and time-consuming job, especially when you need to load your gun during war conditions. There are many factors that cause the delay in loading the magazine manually in wartime situations. Moreover, manual loading is a painful job for every gun shooter and many incidents of hand or finger injuries have been noticed while filling the magazine. In wartime situations, the panic is also a common factor, which increases the chances of injuries to the fingers. The magazine speedloader has made it easy for the gun shooters to quickly load the magazine. The speedloader has reduced the loading time and the exertion as well.

AR15 Magazine Speed Loader

Usually, the AK and AR15 rifles need more time and physical exertion to fill the magazine because of the hard spring. The magazine speedloader is the great invention of the present era, which is safer and quicker. Now the user can fill the magazine without fear of any injury to his/her fingers. The user can load the magazine of the high-performance guns like AK and AR platforms within seconds.

Speed loaders for AK and AR platforms


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What to improve

Currently, different types of bullet loaders have been introduced in the market of weapon accessories. Most of the magazine speed loaders support the specific caliber of bullets for which they have been manufactured. However, during war time you need to fill the magazines of different platforms. Even the hunters also like to use different types of rifles for hunting. So, they will need to have a separate speedloader for every gun which is not only an expensive deal, but it also needs additional space to store. The portability of the multiple loaders also becomes problematic. A single speedloader compatible for multiple magazines is a good idea.


PODAVACH AK and AR15 Magazine Speed Loader

PODAVACH is the multiple platform compatible magazine speedloader that covers almost 70% rifles assaults currently being used worldwide. The Podavach speedloader has been designed to simplify the magazine loading job. Moreover, the loader is supported for 5 different calibers. So, you can fill multiple magazines through a single loader. To make the loading process more simple and handy, the loader has been marked with rounds quantity indicators. You do not need to count the bullets while placing on the loading channel. Just fill the channel up to the indicator and fill the magazine with a rapid magnet secured pusher. Podavach takes only 15 seconds to fill the magazine of AK47, AK74 and AR-15 platform rifles. This quick speed loader perfectly supports the 5.56×45mm, .223, 300 BLK, 5.45×39mm and 7.62×39mm caliber bullets. The wooden platform has also been designed for simple loading and easy transportation.


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