Podavach X-Loader and U-Loader: Innovative Magazine Loaders for Faster and Easier Shooting

Podavach X-Loader and U-Loader: Innovative Magazine Loaders for Faster and Easier Shooting

The Podavach X-Loader and U-Loader are two innovative magazine loaders that aim to make the loading process faster and easier. In this review, two team members, Brian Zerbian and Chris Fortenberry from Gun Made Team, share their experiences and opinions on these loaders.

Chris Fortenberry reviewed the Podavach U-Loader. He found the packaging impressive, indicating the company's attention to detail. The U-Loader itself is made of Baltic Birch Plywood and feels sturdy and durable. It is also water-resistant, according to Podavach. Chris tested the U-Loader with various magazines, including P-Mags, a Bulgarian AK-74 mag, and a Yugo AK-47 magazine. He found the loader to be quick and easy to use, loading magazines efficiently. However, when loading 7.62x39 rounds, he experienced some binding issues, which required loading smaller batches of 10 rounds at a time. Despite this, Chris recommends the U-Loader by Podavach.

Brian Zerbian reviewed both the Podavach U-Loader and X-Loader. He expressed his preference for manually loading magazines but acknowledged the need for a speedloader when time is limited. However, Brian had trouble with the U-Loader, as the tolerances for 5.56x45 rounds were too loose, causing the rounds to go astray. He speculates that the issue may be specific to his magazines or himself. On the other hand, Brian had a positive experience with the X-Loader. He praised its premium ashwood build, likening it to a high-quality item found in a cigar shop. He found the X-Loader easy to use and had no trouble loading magazines with it.

In conclusion, both reviewers were impressed by the quality and functionality of the Podavach loaders. Chris Fortenberry recommends the U-Loader, despite some minor issues with loading larger cartridges. Brian Zerbian highly recommends the X-Loader, praising its build quality and ease of use. If you're interested in these loaders, you can visit the Podavach website to make a purchase.

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