SKS rifle – The carbine that always has your back

SKS rifle – The carbine that always has your back

Here’s a classy beast for marksmen who know a thing or two about decent rifles. The Russian SKS steals the show with its rugged build and timeless wooden stock. This combo makes the semi-automatic, gas-operated carbine ready to go in any field conditions. Need some proof? The SKS was having a moment in the jungle realm of Vietnam, forbidding deserts of Afghanistan, and through the rainy days of the Korean war. It has earned international recognition as a go-to rifle that shoots reliably and gets you through any challenges.

At Podavach, we couldn’t leave you without the SKS for sale, considering its versatility in the field. What adds to it is that the carbine fires 7.62×39mm cartridges and excels at medium ranges of up to 440 yards. Whether you’re looking for a rifle for sports shooting or self-defense, the SKS can do the trick.



Why choose an SKS gun?

Owning an SKS is a worry-free experience for a skilled shooter. That’s because the carbine comes with:


  • Sturdy design

The field can come down hard on wooden stocks. But not this time! The Russian SKS is crafted to withstand almost everything while being lightweight and easy to disassemble to clean its hidden parts.


  • Impressive fire rate

The SKS can fire 40 rounds per minute at full power, which gives it a leg up over other semi-automatics. This is something you want to consider for your next hunt or range session.


  • High muzzle velocity

The SKS rifle features an extended barrel. It increases the speed of a bullet at the pull of a trigger so that it sticks to the trajectory and hits a target more accurately.


  • Mild recoil

You shouldn’t expect the SKS to be completely recoil-free, but neither is it like shooting from a trembling surface. The gun does give back some mild impulses that are still controllable at full power.


  • Fixed internal mag

If you hate plunking down money for magazines, the fixed one of the SKS can be a boon. It houses ten rounds, so it’s a good idea to get your hands on stripping clips.


  • Battle-ready bayonet

A retractable underside bayonet makes the SKS ready for all out-of-ammo scenarios. It can be easily folded out and gives the carbine that formidable, combative look.


Aftermarket SKS parts, mods, and accessories

With an SKS, you aren’t restricted to what you get in an initial carbine setup. Aftermarket upgrades are aplenty for this rifle, opening the door to any modifications you want.

The most common add-ons for the SKS include:

  • Higher-capacity mags. If a fixed 10-round magazine fails to meet your shooting needs, you can bring in more ammo to the SKS with standard or polymer external mags. These are available in 20-round, 30-round, and other capacity versions.
  • Ammo holders and pouches. Buttstock shell holders and mag pouches are popular SKS accessories for those craving more ammunition at hand.
  • Optics. With a bevy of stock mods and adapters out there, it’s easy to revamp a standard SKS into the best SKS with advanced scopes.
  • Speed loader. Instantly loading a rifle can help save your shooting time and reduce your finger pain. So, if you go with external magazines, you can try Podavach SKS Mag Loader. We’ve designed it for all mags, standard or polymer, no matter the capacity.



Head off to the field with the SKS

Order an SKS gun at Podavach to have something to depend on in the field. This carbine works like a charm for professional shooters and can be used for training or hunting. For extra convenience, consider buying it with Podavach SKS Mag Loader.

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