.223: Magazine Loader and Accessories

.223: Magazine Loader and Accessories


Some people would say that there is no difference between a 5.56 NATO and a .223. At first glance, this statement may sound true. The exterior dimensions of those two cartridges are identical, but there is a reason why they are considered to be different. That difference shows in their use.

    • Different pressure limits

The 5.56 has a higher pressure limit than the .223. Many tests have been conducted by both CIP and SAAMI, and all of them prove that  the .223 and the 5.56 have nothing in common in that regard. Due to a different case wall thickness, shooting the .224 from a weapon chambered for the 5.56 NATO will result in a loss of accuracy, stronger recoil, and extraction problems.

    • Different purposes

The 5.56 is a product of war. Developed specifically for the activities during the Vietnam war, it’s a military cartridge, designed for military use. Meanwhile, the .223 is a civil version of the 5.56 was made specifically for hunters and amateurs. 

.223 mag loader boards

So, if you’re a hunting fan and need something special for a quick mag load, what should you look for?

At Podavach, we came to the conclusion that the perfect .223 mag charger for your ammo should:

  • Be lightweight. Each trip means carrying a significant amount of weight, especially if you spend weeks outside when it’s hunting season. Every pound counts.
  • Be durable. We cannot really predict what happens out there. Heavy rain, harsh wind, freezing cold, scorching heat – each season has its setbacks. Sometimes those setbacks affect our gear.
  • Be easy. It takes time to figure out a complex system of levers and pushers. And usually you need it to work fast because sometimes loading your mags in advance doesn’t help and you need to load them right here, right now.

After bringing all those qualities together, we created a design capable to satisfy all rifle owner’s needs – a U-Loader by Podavach.

Does a .223 loader include supported weapons?

We don’t offer a U-Loader for the .223 exclusively. To be more precise, we offer a solution that would fit all the weapons that are chambered for .223 calibers and other similar cartridges. Our goal was to achieve max versatility and ensure that from now on, you will be able to use one solution for many platforms and rounds.

Our U-Loader models are highly compatible with AK47, AKM, AK74 and a large variety of AR platforms. Therefore, they have a similar design. They’re flat, steady, equipped with a magnetic pusher and an ammo channel. This shape and structure allow users to load mags quickly without straining their fingers and getting finger pain. Experienced gun owners can charge their mags in less than 30 seconds. 

.223 mag charger: how to load ammo?

To charge a mag with .223 rounds, you need to position the rounds into the ammo channel and line them up with the tip pointing downwards. The case has a special niche for storing the bullets before you line then up into the channel and push them into the mag to avoid clutter. The same routine goes for .300 ACC Blackout, 5.45x39 mm, 224 Valkyrie, 7.62 and 6.5 Grendel.

After all of the rounds are ready, you use a special pusher that pushes the rounds into a magazine attached at the other end of the U-Loader. The entire process takes mere seconds, so you can load up to 4 mags in a time that you usually need to load just one magazine.

.223 mag speedloader: materials

As we researched our possibilities, we found out that Baltic Birch Plywood is a very durable and reliable material that doesn’t weigh much. It was also very pleasant to work with - we were able to easily carve the shape we needed and polish the surface until it became amazingly smooth. The plywood also went really well with a polyurethane lacquer that created a protective coat and ensure that you won’t nick your fingers on any splinters or sharp edges. 

Due to this coat, our U-Loaders are also water-resistant, scratch-resistant and don’t get fractured at freezing temperatures. 

.223 speedloader: accessories

Even though we are confident in our product, we know that being prepared for everything is the #1 rule in any field. Therefore, in addition to our .223 speedloader models and loaders for all supported calibers, we provide accessories meant for keeping your equipment safe and organized. Our stock includes:

  •  Ammo pouches
  • U-Loader cases
  • Rifle cases
  • Range bags 
  • Decorative accessories
  • Cleaning supplies

Since we never stop designing and creating new accessories for gun enthusiasts, we suggest all our customers stay in touch and check for updates. Your comfort and the quality of your time in the field is our priority!

How to compare .223 speed loader with other mag loaders ?

The key difference between our Podavach U-Loaders and traditional bench loaders is that a U-Loader is a multi-caliber loading tool. We made it our goal to ensure that if you take many different calibers to your training field, you will get to use them all with the help of just one tool and without breaking a sweat. 

We designed our U-Loaders after exploring 3D scans of the most popular assault rifle models and now multiple gun owners across the world are testing and trying our products with their weapons and calibers of choice. Even in the case of the .223 used with our magazine loader, there are many video reviews that document every part of the experience.