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Podavach: 5.56 magazine speed loader and accessories

Podavach: 5.56 magazine speed loader and accessories

Working with 5.56 caliber takes extra caution and detailed attention to your accessories. This is why we have been particularly dedicated towards designing the a 5.56 speed loader that would tick the following boxes: 

  • Light weight
  • Convenient usage
  • Quick use

Since 5.56 caliber is a large one, loading 5.56 ammos puts a considerable strain on the user’s hands and fingers in particular, we also made sure to create a product that would be a great help to the fellow riflemen. 


What does the perfect 5.56 speed loader board need?

After years of research and reviewing various 5.56 speed loader models, we made multiple 3D scans to explore the strongest points of each model - as well as its downsides. After combining the best features and discarding the most inconvenient ones, we were able to create something authentic and cover the most relatable pain points. 

Our U-Loaders have the following qualities: 

  • Smooth texture. It’s particularly important for anyone who works with large calibers. Jamming rounds into their place can feel like forever when your 5.56 loader has a rough surface and loading channels that are not wide enough for conveniently inserting the rounds. 
  • Large capacity. Most of speed loaders for 5.56 caliber usually enable you to load a relatively small batch of rounds. With our U-Loaders you can load several magazines in no time. 
  • More curves. It has been proven that a curved shape of a mag loader works best when it comes to loading rounds into the magazine. With our U-Loader we added even more depth to the curve, making way for a faster and more efficient loading.  


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Podavach 5.56 magazine loader: materials

All our U-Loaders are made of light plywood that is then protected by a polyurethane coat. The surface of each loader is extremely smooth, letting you swiftly push rounds into the magazine without interruptions. No nicked fingers, no aching joints, no sudden and annoying injuries. 

The lacquer coat makes our 5.56 magazine speed loader resistant to water and able to endure freezing temperatures. Therefore, our U-Loaders became a good addition for outdoor trips and days in the field. 


Podavach 5.56 loader: accessories

Just like with all our U-Loaders, there are professional cases and range bags designed for our 5.56 speed loader models. In addition to being made by a MOLLE-enforced technology, the range bags for 5.56 U-Loaders include pockets and straps for storing and securing your belongings during long-time travels. They also offer space for our Podavach Gun Cleaning Wipes that allow you to clean, lubricate and protect your rifles from corrosion while providing a quick and efficient maintenance. 


Podavach 5.56 mag loader: supported weapons

From Saiga, to Bushmaster, to Remington, 5.56 caliber is used with many weapons. In Podavach case, we designed our U-Loader for 5.56 magazine to be compatible with such AR15 platforms as Ruger Mini and M16. However, the design of our U-Loader makes it generally compatible with all AR15 variations. 

Due to rubber feet, the U-Loader can be easily stabilized on the ground or in your lap. You can quickly attach the magazine, slide the rounds in with the magnetic pusher and repeat the procedure without getting distracted from the main action. 


Podavach 5.56 speedloader: supported calibers

The key behind our U-Loader’s efficients is its compatibility with multiple calibers. One U-Loader can be used for all types of 5.56 caliber and such calibers as:  

  • 7.62x39m
  • 300 BLK
  •  .223
  • 6.5 Grendel
  • 204 Ruger 
  •  5.45x39mm
  • 25-45 sharps
  • .224 Valkyrie


Podavach 5.56 ammo speed loader: level of experience

Another benefit of our 5.56 magazine speed loader is its intuitive design. Even if you’re a beginner in anything that concerns loading magazines, using our Podavach U-Loader will feel natural even to the users who are not familiar with rifles and magazines.


Podavach speed loader for 5.56 is there a video demo?

All our products are sent to professional riflemen and gun enthusiasts for testing and trying out on the shooting range. Many of them document that process for everyone to see. You can find the videos on our social media. 


Is it possible to compare 5.56 speed loader with other mag loaders?

We have looked through many 5.56 speed loaders when we were developing our U-Loader. During this stage, we based the success of the end result on the size, weight and utility of the final product. 

Even though 5.56 is a rather large caliber, our 5.56 fast loader can be easily placed into a range bag or carried around via wide handle. Its non-automated design lacks pumps and levers, eliminating the risk of sudden injuries or delays due to a jammed/broken piece. The light weight of the entire piece makes it a good choice for trips on foot since it won’t put an extra load on you. 

Also, in contrast to standard mag loaders, you can use our 5.56 magazine speed loader while wearing gloves, saving precious seconds and going back to action in a jiffy.