AR-10 Magazine Speed Loader

U-Loader: AR-10 magazine speed loader that makes the best companion to your rifle

Are you gearing up for your AR-10 training session at a shooting range? There must be something you haven’t tossed in your bag yet. Why would you waste time pushing every single round into that mag when the U-Loader by Podavach can save you the trouble? As an AR-10 magazine speed loader, this accessory accommodates all calibers your favorite rifle fires. Whether you are planning to practice some long-range or short-range shooting, it will undoubtedly come in handy.

An AR-10 is a jim-dandy weapon – no two ways about it. But having a soft spot for its accuracy, design, and trajectory doesn’t mean you have to like that loading experience for good measure. Getting 20 rounds into a mag can be even painful, especially if you have arthritis or similar conditions.

That is what we’ve made this AR-10 speed loader for. Once your cartridges are there, it only takes a gentle push to insert all of them into a magazine. Give your fingers some time to rest. 

Take a closer look at our AR-10 speed loader 


U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader U-LOADER Podavach | Ukrainian Firearm Accessories Natural Wood IN STOCK

U-LOADER AR10 Magazine Speed Loader


Speed loaders are not created equal. And our U-Loader proves that with its unique set of features for:

  • Reduced loading time. It’s one thing to find an AR-10 mag speed loader that simplifies cartridge loading. It’s another to get one that allows you to do that in a wink. If you think it’s impossible to load all 20 rounds in 15 seconds, opt for the U-Loader and think again.
  • Improved compatibility. Do you prefer polymer or metal magazines for your AR-10? Actually, it doesn’t matter because both can easily fit into our U-Loader. Oh, it also works for multiple calibers to add even more versatility to your rifle.
  • Stability and reliability. From the superior joinery of Baltic Birch plywood to the slip resistance ensured by three rubber feet, our AR-10 mag speed loader is a pleasure to use in all weathers. That is what “battle-tested” really means.

What weapons and calibers can you use with the U-Loader?

The U-Loader is not only for a classic AR-10 battle rifle. It can also be used with any weaponry based on this platform. Now, there are quite a few rifles that make the most of AR-10 for spectacular precision and range. Podavach U-Loader is compatible with all of them, whether they fire .308, 7.62x51mm, or 6.5mm Creedmoor cartridges.

Who is this AR-10 magazine speed loader for?

AR-10 is just as perfect for a shooting range as it is for big-game hunting in the great outdoors. The same goes for the U-Loader. We’ve designed it to resonate with AR-10’s versatility, which can benefit beginners and experienced shooters alike.

Besides that, the U-Loader is an AR-10 magazine speed loader of choice for marksmen. It helps you focus on honing your long-range shooting skills rather than waste time loading those .308s or 6.5s. Plus, it is created to survive the harshest conditions so that you can dive into a combat-like experience.

Order the U-Loader from Podavach to be all geared up to approach the firing line. We ship worldwide and are happy to serve the global riflemen community.