How Do Podavach Speed Loaders Work With Hornady Products?

How Do Podavach Speed Loaders Work With Hornady Products?

How Do Podavach Speed Loaders Work With Hornady Products?

So many brands, so little time. Whenever you consider buying a new ammo, a new mag loader, or even trying out a new cleaning solution, you always ask yourself, “How would it go with other accessories in my stock? Would I be able to load my rifle mag by using this speedloader board? Would these rounds even fit into my new loader board?”. 

We all have been there. Therefore, we’d like to show you how compatible our Podavach products are with the most famous firearm and firearm accessories manufacturers. For example, who doesn’t know Hornady®? The fact that it was brought to life by just two people inspired us to create a brand of our own and supply gun fans worldwide with top quality firearm accessories. It’s an amazing manufacturer of ammunition, precision measuring devices, security assets, muzzle and reloading equipment. And since we came up with the idea of universal U-Loaders, we made sure that our products have the perfect synergy with everything made by Hornady®.

Hornady: Loader boards 

From the size and shape of Hornady® ammo to the aesthetic design of Hornady® accessories, you can rest assured that our mag loaders are fully compatible with your Hornady® arsenal. Each U-Loader was developed after months of 3D modelling to take into account every rifle type that is commonly used by firearm enthusiasts and big game hunters. It allowed us to insert more versatility into the everyday experience of gun lovers who have to carefully plan each trip to the shooting range, so they won’t find themselves lacking something essential for their quality time.  

Hornady: Supported weapons 

Hornady is known for producing accessories and ammunition for all kinds of weapons, including handguns and rifles. We designed our U-Loaders to match over 30 types of rifles to ensure that you can enjoy firing your favorite model of AK-47 or AR15 at the shooting range together with your favorite Hornady accessories. Our U-Loaders go well with a large variety AR-10 and AR platforms (M16 and beyond), AKR, AK-47 rifles and are generally designed to be lightweight and usable regardless of your preferred rifles. 

Podavach U-Loaders are made of eco-friendly plywood that is made extra durable with protective coating. That is how we ensure that you never get tired of carrying your U-Loader around, and it will serve you all year long. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, whether there is a dust storm or high humidity, our U-Loader will be at your service – just like Hornady production.

Hornady: Supported calibers 

Choosing the right accessory for your calibers is always a challenge. While Hornady provides a lot of precision measuring tools and scales, nothing is more satisfying than knowing that you have a versatile mag loader that can work with any rifle ammo. This is where Podavach got you covered. Our mag loader boards have a convenient loading channel that allows inserting 7.62mm, 5.45mm and other calibers, and then comfortably sliding them into the mag attached to the loader in one push. Therefore, if you’re stocked up with Hornady® V-MAX® bullets or Hornady® InterLock rounds, you can expect to spend less time on loading and more time on your target practice. If you prefer to spend your time outdoors or are dedicated to big game hunting, it’s particularly important not to be over encumbered. That is why, it’s better to use one loader for all your calibers than choose from several types.

Hornady: Accessories 

Hornady is well-known for its wide range of cartridge care solutions. In general, this brand makes sure that each shot is never wasted. It enables gun fans with opportunities to take care of every single detail, from case cleaning to lubrication. To contribute to this exemplary care of your firearms, we don’t offer speedloader alone. You can expand your arsenal of cleaning supplies with our incredible gun cleaning wipes. Soaked with mineral-based formula, each wipe can split into numerous, differently-sized patches for cleaning out every nook and crevice of your handgun, shotgun, or rifle. Besides, we provide another type of case care – our brightly-colored and creative U-Loader carry cases to ensure that your U-Loader stays durable and ready for action. To enrich your gallery of Hornady merchandise, we also provide small creative niceties, such as leather ammo pouches and rifle range bags. Each product is made of authentic leather produced in Italy and created individually for each buyer. 


If you’re looking forward to improving your hunting experience and make sure that you’re able to load ammo faster, without any distractions or harm to your fingers and thumbs, Podavach is ready to help!