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SMG Magazine Loader for CZ EVO 3, H&K MP5

SMG Magazine Loader for CZ EVO 3, H&K MP5

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Meet PODAVACH NOT-Universal gun speed loader. It offers pain-free loading, intuitive gun-grip hold, and fits perfectly the exact supported magazines. All PODAVACH SMG speed loaders were designed in collaboration with firearm experts to ensure a comfortable and safe mag feeding process.

CUSTOM GUN LOADER: This is NOT a universal loader. PODAVACH offers 3 different magazine compatibilities. Please double-check CALIBER and MAGAZINE compatibility in the loader type block.

PAIN-FREE FINGERS: Speed loader by PODAVACH allows you to put rounds into magazine without having to press each round with your thumbs manually. Easy load-assist will prevent sore fingers at the range.

GUN GRIP-LIKE DESIGN: Well-thought design of PODAVACH SMG loader provides shooters with the best comfort during gun loading. It repeats hand grip for effortless and intuitive use on the range.

EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL: During the development, we have tested a lot of materials. Most of them slip out and feel awkward. PODAVACH's R&D has created exclusive material which provides the best tactile experience and non-slip grip.


1. CZ EVO 3

2. H&K MP5


  • Weight: 30 g 
  • Material: Nylon 12
  • Color: Grey
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