TOP 5 Gun-Lover Products 

TOP 5 Gun-Lover Products 

 What to give to Gun-Lover?
Best 5 products for gun enthusiast

Holiday season is coming and something tells us that this year it’s going to be more intense than ever before! This time of the year is especially exciting for all the gun lovers. Fresh air and outside shooting may become the main reason to go outside this fall for lots of us :) That is why we prepared the list of top 5 gun-lover favorite products to get the best experience from shooting!


  1. U-Loader Magazine Speed Loader


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    Every owner of any AR-15 or AK kind of rifle knows how tiring it can be to keep loading your bullets after a long practice. U-LOADER AR15+AK or AR-10 Magazine Speed Loader by PODAVACH equipped with a magnet pusher for extra security and five rubber feet that prevent gliding while loading. Supporting multiple calibers, including 5.56x45, .223, 25-45 sharps and many more, a speed loader will help you to get rid of the finger pain for more natural training on the range! Get your now!


  2. Rifle cases

    What can be better than being sure that your rifle or a shotgun is safe? Tactical Gun Case featured seals to create a watertight and dust-proof shield that protects your guns from extreme conditions and defends the smallest elements from the damage. Lockable latches and a built-in pressure release valve help the gun cases withstand the continuous bumping and jarring of travel. Available in different sizes (36 in., 42 in., 52 in.) and starting as low as $70, a tactical rifle case is a must have for every gun-owner!

  3. Mounted Safety Devices

    Every gun-owner understands that safety is a key when it comes to the firearm. Mounted Firearm Safety Device with installed Biometric Fingerprint Lock provides safety even for children who don’t understand the potential danger of firearms. Because of its desk-mounted design, Safety Device can be situated anywhere is best for you, while quick access biometric fingerprint sensor will provide an excellent match speed of less than 1 second for extra-fast entry. Made of sturdy steel, the handgun safe will provide a long-lasting strength and a professional appearance. Get yours online starting from $105!

  4. Mag Range Bag

    Another feature that has already proven to be useful in any situation is our new. Mag Range Bag by PODAVACH. Using an ultimate shooting range gear as Mag Range Bag provides you with the optimization of the amount and volume of equipment you require for your goals. The capacity of our PODAVACH Range Mag Bag allows you to place up to 12 additional organized magazines and 3 ammo pouches and can also be used by you for personal purposes. Shoulder sling allows the bag to be carried over the shoulder with better weight distribution on the back. Check out the link to get yours by PODAVACH!


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    Rifle Gongs

    One of the products that has been in favor of a gun-lover, you might consider getting Rifle Gong for outdoor, range, shooting and hunting. Made of AR-550 steel the Riffle Gong is designed to handle impact from all rifles and handguns at a minimum of 100 yards. You can easily disassemble and store in the carry bag. Get yours online starting from $120!



Make your shooting practice more efficient and fun with our exclusive shooting targets. Download now for FREE!

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