AR10: Magazine Speedloader and Accessories

AR10: Magazine Speedloader and Accessories

When we talk about most popular platforms, it’s hard to forget such classic platform as AR10. A star of many action movies, AR10 is often chosen by gun fans and firearm enthusiasts for its versatility and practicality, making it really hard to believe that the first AR10 concept, developed by Eugene Stoner and George Sullivan in 1956, was initially rejected. 


Indeed, the military believed the AR10 prototype was unfitting for the troops’ needs, and even after M14 proved its inefficiency, the rise of AR15 overshadowed options offered by AR10, causing this platform to fly under the radar for many years to come.


However, if AR10 hadn’t prevailed, we wouldn’t have AR10 mag loader boards to offer. So, if you’re up for some informative reading and tips, let’s sit down and see the key benefits and features of AR10, and outline the best tools and accessories for this platform. 


AR15 and AR10: what is the difference? 

First, let us compare two titans. Why did AR15 ultimately prevail over AR10 in military use? Was it about right timing? Or was it something else? In fact, there were 3 main reasons for AR15 becoming more successful in this area.


  1. Customization 

Compared to AR15, AR10 offers less customization options. AR15 offers great compatibility with third party magazines and loaders. This versatility allows users to save on costly mags and use other mag types without sacrificing neither quality nor budget.  


  1. Weight

AR15 is even lighter than AR10, which makes a huge difference during maneuvers, moving around tight spaces, and dealing with other similar situations. In long-term military operations, portability is everything. 


  1. Cost 

AR15 rifles cost less than AR10 platforms. When it comes to procuring arms for troops and budget management, there is little wonder why AR15 got more attention from military. 


However, there is a reason why AR10 platforms experience a resurgence nowadays. 


Compatibility with a .308 cartridge

Out of all other competitors, such as M14 or HK G3, AR10 proved to be the most lightweight and convenient option, gathering a whole community of admirers. One of the key benefits of the .308 cartridge is its amazing range. Since AR10 allows releasing a full potential of this cartridge, it’s a no-brainer who anyone who prefers long-range shooting. 

Great for hunting 

Since the .308 ammo is used for big game hunting, no wonder that hunters who go after such prey as boar, elk comprise a large part of AR10 fanbase. Because not as heavy as M1A or other .308 rifles, AR10 is much easier to carry around and utilize. Those qualities make it priceless on the hunting grounds, where every little moment counts. 


Good for beginners 

AR10 is gas-operated, resulting in zero recoil and making this platform the best choice for those who are just getting familiar with rifles. When it comes to various supplies for AR10, such as speedloader and materials for cleaning and maintenance, the beginners will be satisfied to find a wide choice of tools and loaders. 

Nice to have around 

AR10 is quick to reload, while firing heavier bullets. While its high potential for destruction and bringing down big game won’t suit you for home defense, it will definitely come in handy for various survivalist scenarios. So, if you pack a shotgun or handgun for home defense situation, AR10 is a nice choice for cases when you need more power. 


AR10 mag loader boards: tips and recommendations 

We have sorted out why AR10 such a joy to use according to the numerous fans of this platform. Now let’s see how AR10 clicks with various speedloader accessories.


  • Since AR10 is heavier than AR15, it’s recommended not to use heavy mag loaders that rely on mechanics and are quite high maintenance. Nowadays, many loading accessories are designed for quicker, easier loading that treats your fingers kindly and doesn’t take much of your time. For example, Podavach AR10 magazine speedloader is made of Baltic Birch Plywood and is compatible with various calibers, from .308 to 7.62x51mm. 
  • What makes loader boards a good option is their simplicity. When your AR10 mag charger for loading ammo is made of plywood, all you need is a soft cloth. High-quality mag loaders boards are usually protected by a lacquer coat, so they are highly resistant to heat, freezing cold and even high levels of humidity. 
  • If you would like to see a AR10 magazine loader video, there are plenty of reviews that compare various models of AR10 speedloader with other mag loaders, provide maintenance tips, show how each AR10 loader works with supported weaponsand generally offer tons of useful information.