Top 5 Shooting Ranges To Visit In Eastern Europe

Top 5 Shooting Ranges To Visit In Eastern Europe

Sure, all fans of recreational shooting and traveling know the famous shooting ranges in France and Germany. But what if we try to take a journey to the East of Europe?

Whenever recreational shooting in Eastern Europe is mentioned, it’s almost always related to the Сzhech Republic. That’s fair — it has plenty of top quality shooting ranges. Add amazing landscapes, delicious food, and amazing beer, and it sounds like heaven.

But how about those who want to explore other parts of Eastern Europe and enjoy some target practice? Well, we have good news! There are many places where you can make use of your skills with AK or AR-15. So, if you’re planning your trip to Eastern Europe and want to make some good memories, there are shooting ranges that we recommend you to consider.

Bratislava Shooting Club, Slovakia

If you’re planning to spend some quality time in Slovakia, this shooting range will be a fine addition. It’s located near the Old Town of Bratislava and it’s huge in size and the arsenal. In total, there are two facilities for shooting — with a range for clay shooting for those who like to see the impact of each shot. 

As for the weapons you can use on the range, let’s say that you will be able to put your AK-47 magazine loader for good use. If you’re a big fan of Kalashnikov’s creations, this club is definitely for you. It specializes in a broad selection of various AK-47 platforms. But what if AK-47 is not your cup of tea? No problem! You can try your hand at shooting a shotgun, a sniper rifle, and even a machine gun.

The club is open from Monday to Sunday. You can come together with your friends as a group or visit it all by yourself. However, do make sure to book the time and day in advance because this place is super popular among gun lovers.    

When it comes to distance, it’s quite convenient. If you decide to stay in the Old Town, it takes only a short walk before you reach the place. For those who are located further, it’s a 25-minute bus ride from the center. Since the Bratislava Shooting club provides transfers from your place and back, getting there will be as easy as loading a rifle with our speed loader. In addition, there are English-speaking instructors to show you the ropes and answer all your questions. 

To make your experience truly wholesome, you can take a tour. That’s a good way to enrich your impression from the visit to the shooting range with sightseeing and tasting fine delicacies. 


Founded by ATO fighters and special ops veterans this massive shooting range pursues more goals than simple entertainment. Located at Brovari, Kyivska oblast SNSK KUPOL offers an incredible amount of space, weapons, and guidance to anyone who: 

  • wants to practice their shooting; 
  • wants to combat their fear of guns;
  • wants to learn more about firearms. 

So, one of the most obvious benefits of this shooting range is that it has something for newbies and long-time adepts. If you’re new to firearms, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable instructor who will debunk all the gun myths and show you that using a gun is not as hard as you think. 

If you’re an experienced user, make sure that your AR-15 speedloader is with you, because the arsenal of this Ukrainian shooting range is a real test for your fingers. We’re not talking about just rifles here, though. We mean over 180 firearms. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, you name it. Since the shooting range is designed to meet the needs of all skill levels, you will be able to test each weapon at a shooting gallery that matches your experience. 

 KUPOL offers places for skeet shooting, wild boar shooting training, 100-meter shooting, 300-meter shooting, and 700-meter shooting. In addition, the owners never stop developing new training platforms. 

As for the commodities, the service is amazingly good. All visitors have access to refreshments and protective sheds. If you decide to visit the shooting range in winter or during a chilly season, each gallery will be heated, so you won’t have to worry about freezing your fingers off when reloading. 

Brovary is not located far from Kyiv. You can either get to the SNSK KUPOL by train or take a special tour with a two-way transfer for the best shooting experience

King of Shooting, Hungary

 King of Shooting is an organization that has lots of shooting ranges across Europe. Developed by professional experts, King of Shooting clubs offer you all types of target shooting, from basic to extreme. At a spacious shooting range located near Budapest, you can try your hand at shooting clay figures or other targets with exclusive weaponry. If you enjoy rifles, don’t forget to pack your speedloader. It will come in handy!

For those who love handguns, there is a  broad assortment of Glock models and even Magnums.  And that’s not all. Shotguns, submachine guns, and other firearms are also available. Of course, you’re accompanied by professional instructors who would introduce you to new platforms and let you make the most out of your time at the shooting range. 

Additionally, the club offers paintball sessions. So, if you’re in the mood for some action, make sure to take some fitting apparel with you. 

GrotGun, Poland

This shooting range is located near Krakow and offers a plethora of convenient packages for those who want to test different types of firearms in one go. The place offers quite decent prices even for the most costly package. There is also an option to customize a package and decide what kind of weapons you want. The arsenal includes handguns, submachine guns, and even World War II weaponry, so if you’re a history nerd, this is your chance! 

GrotGun is also highly valued for its instructors who are always there for the newbies and do their best to keep the atmosphere pleasant for the entire family. Needless to say, this shooting range is favored by couples and families that teach their children responsible gun ownership. 

However, mind that the working hours of this shooting range change depending on the number of reservations. So you have to make a call and see if it’s possible to book a spot for you. Another thing about time is that you may not need your AKM mag loader for that trip — many reviewers mention that they don’t spend too much time at the shooting range, at least during the hottest hours. 

Split Shooting Range, Croatia 

Croatia. The beautiful place of amazing landscapes, yacht trips...and guns! This shooting range is located 8 km away from Split downtown, so if you thought that you have to leave your U-Loader for AR-15 + AK at home, think again! 

In addition to rifles, you can test your skill with Beretta handguns, Ruger KGP 100 and a large variety of revolver models. The Split Shooting Range is open seven days a week and welcomes both beginners and experienced marksmen. However, just like with every shooting range, if you decide to pay a visit, don’t forget to book the time in advance! Autumn and summer seasons are crazy there so expect the place to be overflown with tourists who want to add recreational shooting to their list of vacation activities.

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